Will Asphalt Sealcoating Repair Oil Stains on My Pavement?

Will Asphalt Sealcoating Repair Oil Stains on My Pavement? asphalt pavement las vegasWhen you first saw your pavement after your asphalt contractor finished installing it, you may have been impressed by the attractive look of its clean, even surface. Before long, however, you may have noticed an oil stain or two that detracted from your pavement’s aesthetics. If you are aware that asphalt sealcoating sealants are opaque, you may be wondering whether you can deal with oil stains by having your pavement sealcoated. A sealant cannot solve the problem on its own, but the steps taken by a professional to prepare for the sealant application can often help.

Why Are Oil Stains on Asphalt Pavement More Than Just an Aesthetic Issue?

Crude oil is refined to separate its components into useful products, including asphalt, transmission fluid, motor oil, gasoline, brake fluid, and diesel. When asphalt comes into contact with any of the automotive fluids, a molecular reaction occurs that will break down the asphalt binder that acts as the cement to hold the pavement together. The pavement softens and crumbles. If a sealant lies between the pavement and another petroleum product, the deterioration will be slowed, but the automotive fluid will eventually eat through the sealant and reach the pavement.

Why Not Just Seal Coat Over the Oil Stains?

The primary reason that you cannot apply a sealant directly over an oil stain is that the sealant cannot bond with the oil. Furthermore, sealants cannot bond with the other vehicle fluids. Instead of protecting your pavement, the sealant will simply dry up and blow away.

How Can Professional Pavement Sealing Indirectly Resolve the Problem of Oil Stains?

Professional asphalt sealcoating contractors know that a successful sealant application starts with a clean, intact pavement. They will blot up any puddles of automotive fluids, clean the pavement, and, if necessary, apply a primer before they apply the sealant. This can indirectly solve the issue of unsightly and potentially damaging deposits of oil on your asphalt pavement. However, if the damage extends below the surface of the pavement, your asphalt contractor may need to patch or resurface the damaged area prior to sealing.

Can Pavement Markings or Line Striping Cover Oil Stains on Asphalt Pavement?

Much like a sealant, the paints used by parking lot striping contractors will have difficulty adhering to oil. Many contractors who offer an asphalt striping service also have the experience and equipment to deal with oil stains, crack repairs, and pavement sealing before applying pavement markings and lot striping. It is often more economical to hire a single contractor to handle all of these tasks than to hire different contractors to complete only one or two of them. In many cases, this will also be the fastest method, resulting in less downtime for your pavement and less inconvenience to your customers.

Should I Attempt to Clean My Pavement Myself?

If you have the time and energy, you can certainly perform at least some of the cleaning yourself. Since it is easier to remove leaked automotive fluids while they are fresh, schedule periodic inspections to locate areas that need to be cleaned. Apply a layer of sand or the non-clumping type of cat litter to blot up any excess oil or fluid. Leave it in place overnight, then sweep it up and dispose of it properly. Prepare a mixture of water and either a household degreaser or liquid dishwashing soap. Use a brush to work the mixture into the stain, let it rest for 15 to 30 minutes, scrub the stain, rinse with clear water, and repeat if necessary. At any point in the process, if you notice that your efforts are removing pieces of the pavement, stop immediately and call your contractor.

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