How Often Should I Re-Stripe My Parking Lot?

How Often Should I Re-Stripe My Parking Lot?There are numerous advantages to having a parking lot with neat, crisp striping and clear, clean pavement markings. An attractive parking lot can help you encourage people to patronize your business. Proper markings can also help shield you against potential liabilities if someone is injured on your property or damages their vehicle. The correct markings also help you maintain compliance with local fire ordinances and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Unfortunately, parking lot markings and striping do not last forever. If a re-stripe parking lot is needed, ensure that your markings are serving their intended functions.

How Long Will I Have Before I Need a Parking Lot Restripe?

On average, painted parking lot striping lasts about two years in the Vegas area. Thermoplastic line striping usually lasts between six and eight years. However, there are numerous variables that can shorten or lengthen the interval between re-striping jobs. For example, if your parking lot receives heavyweight vehicles or a high volume of cars, you may need to re-stripe more frequently than every two years. Conversely, if your parking lot provides line marking for just a handful of cars, you may get more than two years of service. The best way to determine whether it is time to re-stripe is to take a long look at your parking lot.

How Will Looking at My Pavement Tell Me Whether I Need a Parking Lot Restripe?

The first thing to look for is the visibility of your parking stall and road markings. If they do not have at least 75% of their original vibrancy, you need new striping. Are there damaged markings? If the damaged markings are supposed to denote handicapped parking, crosswalks, or other critical features, you should call your parking lot striping contractor.

What Might I Learn About My Parking Lot Striping From Observing the Traffic?

The actions of the drivers using your parking lot can reveal a great deal about the effectiveness of your current stripes and road markings. When your line marking becomes faded, drivers will increasingly park over the line, encroaching on an adjacent space. When your road markings fade or become damaged, you will probably see more confusion in your lot. For example, drivers may go the wrong way down a traffic aisle, certain areas may experience unusual congestion, vehicles may be parked at incorrect angles, or drivers may increasingly park in no-parking zones.

Are There Other Times When I Should Have My Parking Lot Re-Striped?

Two other occasions will often require a parking lot restripe. The first is after you sealcoat an asphalt parking lot. Sealcoats obscure your lines and pavement markings, so you should try to find a contractor who can handle both tasks. The second time you may need new striping is when your parking lot is no longer in compliance with the ADA. This could be the result of a revision in the law, but it can also happen if the nature of the business changes. For example, suppose you open an outpatient physical therapy center in a building that was formerly a retail store. According to the ADA, at least 20% of your patient parking spaces must be reserved for handicapped parking. If the parking lot contains 400 spaces, this means that you will need 80 accessible parking spaces, but the retailer was only required to provide eight accessible spaces.

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