How to Increase Curb Appeal for Your Commercial Parking Lot

How to Increase Curb Appeal for Your Commercial Parking LotMost people are accustomed to seeing the term curb appeal used in listings describing homes for sale. The term is believed to have originated during the 1970s; prior to the internet, driving by a house was about the only way potential buyers could determine whether the home listed actually appealed to them. Thus, curb appeal was used to express the attractiveness of a home when viewed from a car passing by the property. Today, a growing number of property managers and business owners have come to understand that a commercial parking lot needs curb appeal as much as a home.

Why Does Curb Appeal Matter for a Commercial Parking Lot?

If humans did not have a tendency to judge a book by its cover, the old saying about not doing so would never have come into such widespread usage. Whether it is a home or a business, the exterior creates a perception in the eyes of viewers. A neat, clean, well-maintained exterior implies that your interior will share the same qualities, and it also conveys the impression that you care about the details that help make your property safe and welcoming. Therefore, if your parking lot shows that you do not bother to keep up with your paving maintenance, visitors might assume that your interior spaces will also be poorly maintained, that you are unprofessional, or that you do not care about the comfort of your customers or tenants.

How Does Parking Lot Maintenance Enhance the Curb Appeal of a Commercial Parking Lot?

There are three goals that you want your asphalt maintenance to deliver: safety, pavement protection, and aesthetics. Parking lot maintenance companies offer a variety of services that can meet all three goals. For example, asphalt sealcoating enhances traction, protects against damage from the sun and vehicle fluids, and enhances the appearance of your pavement by restoring its rich color and concealing minor imperfections. Asphalt contractors recommend sealcoating parking lots because the procedure is a highly effective way to provide these benefits at an extremely economical price.

In Addition to Sealcoating, What Procedures Do Parking Lot Maintenance Companies Recommend?

Several factors, including your parking lot’s size and use, can influence the exact procedures you may need. However, here are the ones that are generally considered to be the most essential for parking lots.

1. Pavement Marking and Striping: Neat, vibrant lines and markings enhance your parking lot’s curb appeal, but they also help you maintain order. This makes your parking lot safer, and experienced striping contractors can also help you offer parking spaces for more vehicles, achieve ADA compliance, and meet local codes.
2. Crackfilling: Unrepaired cracks detract from your curb appeal. Furthermore, they pose potential tripping hazards, and they endanger your pavement’s health by allowing vehicle fluids and water to penetrate deep beneath the surface.
3. Bumper Blocks: Sometimes called car stops or wheel stops, bumper blocks can help prevent unsafe driving maneuvers, help drivers position their vehicles inside parking spaces, and help enforce rules concerning the direction in which traffic should flow.
4. Traffic Signs: Whether they are mandatory or optional, traffic signs play a vital role in your parking lot’s aesthetics and safety. From identifying accessible spaces to warning drivers of an impending crosswalk, properly mounted signs can serve a variety of purposes. However, signs can become worn or damaged, so you should replace them as part of your routine parking lot maintenance.
5. Cleaning: Trash and oil stains detract from your curb appeal, but they can also place your pavement at risk. Piles of trash can leave stains behind as well as increase the risk of water infiltration by trapping moisture on the surface of your pavement. Oil and other vehicle fluids leave asphalt soft and crumbly, increasing the likelihood of potholes. Routine sweepings can remove any debris, but oil stains will require a bit more effort from you, your asphalt paving maintenance contractor, or your employees.

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