October Is Our Month Of Giving and Community Service

Long before I founded Affordable Striping & Sealing, I was a strong believer in giving back to my community. Therefore, the vision I had for my company included a commitment to increase my community service and foster an environment that would inspire my team members to do the same.

In October 2017, a tragic event occurred in Las Vegas that shocked the entire world. During the months that followed, our community was gripped by feelings of grief, helplessness, and anger. Although we were aware that we could not heal our community single-handedly, we began a tradition in which we devoted the first week of every October to serving our community by doing one good deed each day.

This year, I decided that one week of community service was not enough. Therefore, we expanded our service program to encompass the entire month of October. Thus far, our team members and our company have delivered lunch to the fire department down the street from our office, bought groceries, donated $50 to a young man who needed an iPad for his education, striped the American Legion parking lot at no charge, paid for the car behind in a drive-thru line, and filled a stranger’s gas tank.

I am a firm believer in the concept that even a small act of kindness can inspire a chain of kind acts that can reach dozens or even hundreds of others. This year, the people in every community across the nation need help and support more than ever. I would like to encourage all people reading this to help whenever and however they can. Remember, a good deed does not need to cost a penny or be a grand gesture. Mowing your elderly neighbor’s lawn when you mow your own, holding the door for someone struggling with a heavy load, mailing a greeting card to a resident in a locked-down nursing home, and letting a mother with a fussy toddler go ahead of you in the checkout line are just a few examples of good deeds that will cost you little or no money. No matter how limited your time and budget might be, you can start your own chain of good deeds today.