The Community Library and Pantry Project

Long before Shonda Decker even thought about founding her own business, she was active in various civic projects that allowed her to support the people in her community. Since founding Affordable Striping & Sealing in 2006, Shonda’s commitment to give back to her community has only grown stronger. In fact, from the day she opened her business, she has fostered an environment and a company culture that would inspire her team members to share her vision of community service.

Back in 2018, the company launched a program that was based on doing at least one good deed every day for the entire first week of October. In 2020, the program was expanded to include the entire month, and Shonda and her team enthusiastically performed both small acts of kindness and grand gestures of generosity.

However, Shonda is tireless when it comes to finding new ways to serve the members of her community. The company’s latest project is a community library and pantry that is housed in the Affordable office on East Alexander Road. The project is designed to help provide nourishment for both minds and bodies.

To date, the company has provided the funding to launch, supply, and operate the project. However, Shonda hopes that vendors, other businesses, and individuals will contribute to the project so that it can be expanded to include school supplies, household goods, cleaning supplies, and other essentials. To learn more about the community library and pantry, call 702-222-9009.

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