29 January 2020

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Why Good Parking Lot Signage Can Protect You From Potential Liability

Parking lot accidents are far too common where proper parking lot signage does not exist. Even with proper signage in place, accidents can occur.

However, a parking lot owner’s’ potential liability can be limited if all local and federal regulations are strictly followed. Poor signage could result in your company being named in a lawsuit if an injury or property damage occurs because of the condition or lack of proper signage. Since Nevada law operates under the theory of contributory negligence, every responsible party may be assigned a portion of the blame and pay a portion of the damages. It is the parking lot owner’s responsibility to ensure that all necessary signage is in place and installed properly. Hiring a knowledgeable and professional signage contractor to evaluate your parking lot’s compliance is the most important step to protect you from potential liability.

What Is Good Signage?

Besides adhering to local and federal regulations, including the Americans with Disabilities Act, all signage within the parking lot should safely and efficiently direct both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Since each parking lot design is different, the number, type, and placement of signage will vary. Road marking can also be considered signage, especially markings such as traffic arrows and crosswalks. The parking lot layout should be carefully evaluated and altered for efficiency and safety as needed.

Sealcoating and other routine asphalt maintenance can offer an ideal opportunity to consider improving your parking lot layout by redesigning the parking lot striping. Redesigned parking spaces can provide additional parking for the convenience of customers and visitors. Your contractor can include any necessary alterations to your signage as part of the new design.

The quality and efficiency of signage for parking lots has improved greatly over the decades. In the beginning, signage progressed slowly through trial and error. Research and testing have greatly improved the efficiency of signage used in any parking lot. Today, stock signage is available for almost any parking lot need, and custom signage is convenient and economical.

Proper signage within your parking lot is a necessity to provide a safe environment for all who visit your property. Maintaining your signage through a program of routine maintenance is essential to ensure that all signage is providing its intended purpose. Placard signs must be securely hung at the correct height, and signs need to be highly visible in both daylight and nighttime conditions. As signs fade and deteriorate from the effects of the outdoor environment, they should be repaired or replaced as quickly as possible. Signs damaged by vehicles or vandals should also be addressed quickly to remain safe and compliant. Painted roadway surfaces should be examined often for any deterioration or other damage. Roadway signage and other roadway markings are particularly prone to wear and damage from vehicle and foot traffic. Preventive maintenance can help ensure that your signage is providing you and your patrons a safe environment.

Let Affordable Striping & Sealing Help

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