The Operating Cost of Asphalt Maintenance

The Operating Cost of Asphalt Maintenance, asphalt maintenance las vegas Mechanics know that unless a vehicle receives proper maintenance, the owner will be facing a massive repair bill while the car is still relatively new. For example, if the owner never changes the oil or ensures that the radiator has sufficient water, a replacement engine could be lurking on the horizon. If he does not replace frayed belts or worn hoses, he could find himself stranded on the side of a desert highway, sadly in need of a tow and possibly a new engine. A replacement engine could cost more than 10 times as much as he would have spent to maintain his vehicle properly. What many businesses that are not paving companies fail to understand is that an effective asphalt maintenance program can provide the same type of savings.


The Operating Cost of Asphalt Maintenance


When asphalt contractors install asphalt paving, they typically expect the customer to maintain the new pavement adequately. Most asphalt contractors provide customers with advice on asphalt repair and preventive maintenance to help ensure that the pavement will last as long as it should. Paving companies know that an effective maintenance program can double or even triple the life of asphalt paving when compared to the life expectancy of a pavement that receives no maintenance and limited repairs. Furthermore, a wide variety of studies have revealed that every dollar invested in timely, professional maintenance can result in future savings of $4 to $10.


An effective maintenance plan should include asphalt sealcoating. Sealants are remarkably effective at protecting asphalt pavement from sun damage; UV rays leave asphalt dry, brittle and easily damaged. Sealcoating also helps prevent automotive fluids from breaking down the binder in asphalt pavement.


However, repairing breaks in the surface of the pavement is just as important as asphalt sealcoating. Asphalt cracks will virtually always continue to grow, and if water leaks through them, the foundation can be destabilized by the water. Instead on an economical crack repair, the property owner may need to repair multiple potholes or patches of alligatored asphalt. As a general rule, the smaller and shallower the damage, the less expensive it will be to repair.


Many asphalt pavements in the United States were originally installed during the 1950s and 1960s. They are still in use because they received sufficient maintenance, timely repairs and a resurfacing every 15 years or so. Conversely, there are asphalt pavements that have failed so completely in less than 10 years that they required total reconstruction. Once a neglected pavement begins to deteriorate, complete failure can happen very quickly. For example, a parking lot can be in fair condition after seven years, but unless immediate action is taken, the entire pavement may deteriorate to the point of requiring full reconstruction in as few as three more years.


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