Parking Lot Maintenance in Las Vegas, NV

Parking Lot Maintenance


parking lot maintenance, las vegas, affordable striping & sealing Professional asphalt parking lot maintenance can improve the curb-appeal of your property and the safety of those who visit. Additionally, well-maintain asphalt reduces the need for frequent costly repairs, saving you many thousands of dollars. In fact, with a consistent asphalt maintenance program, you can extend the life of your parking lot for 10 to 15 years – in many cases nearly doubling its service life.


The age and condition of any asphalt parking lot dictate the long-term maintenance approach recommended by our Affordable Striping & Sealing team.  Asphalt maintenance programs are most effective when started within the first year of its installation, but remain effective up to the end of the pavements service life.


Asphalt Parking Lot Maintenance Services


Asphalt sealing is the most effective long-term means of preserving your parking lot from the elements. Applying sealant not only beautifies your property, but prevents oxidation, which dries out and causes the asphalt to lose its flexibility. Older asphalt (and asphalt that has not been protected by a commercial grade asphalt sealant) that has suffered the effects of oxidation, no longer has the flexibility to conform to temperature changes, eventually causing cracks and other forms of disrepair. Sealant also protects asphalt from oil and/or chemical spills.


Crack repair and asphalt patching are two other critical asphalt maintenance techniques that can help restore and protect your asphalt parking lot for many years. The Affordable Striping & Sealing team can repair cracks by applying a flexible hot pour crack sealant.  Potholes and other advanced defects are dug out so that the base can be repaired before making the repair. When cracks and potholes are left unrepaired, water seeps down into the lower layers of the pavement structure, causing serious – and very expensive – damage.


The Key to Saving Money


If you own an asphalt parking lot do not delay in scheduling your regular maintenance program with the Affordable Striping & Sealing team. Asphalt maintenance is the key to preserving and extending the life of your pavement. Not only will it save you many thousands of dollars, it will also keep your parking lot looking its best and attracting new customers to your business.


Let’s Get Started!


If you need asphalt parking lot maintenance in Las Vegas, Affordable Asphalt & Sealing are the areas top experts.  Our team of experienced professionals will make the right recommendations for your parking lot so that your asphalt maintenance program is effective and beneficial. Call 702- 222-9009, or use our online form to get price quotes and information about our maintenance contracts, sealcoating, patching, and crack filling services.