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Parking Lot Layout | Asphalt Maintenance | Affordable Striping & Sealing A proper parking lot layout is critical to any business that serves the public. If traffic flow and parking stalls are not created with efficiency and ease of use in mind, patrons become frustrated and will be resistant frequenting your business.


Effective layouts account for space size, traffic direction and flow, and overall organization for convenient access to the storefront, entrances and exits. A parking lot design must also first and foremost have safety in mind.


Experienced parking lot striping contractors know how to plan a layout that will maximize the number of parking stalls, control the flow of traffic, and meet the ADA regulations.


Parking Lot Layout


1. Parking lot striping can define spaces that are perpendicular to the line of travel or set at a slant. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of angle, but you can usually fit more perpendicular spaces than slanted spaces in the same area. However, since there are other ways to maximize your space, you should discuss this with your contractor before making a decision. For example, your contractor might recommend that you utilize a combination of angles. You could use angled parking for customers, perpendicular spaces for employees, and parallel parking spaces around the lot’s perimeter to utilize areas that are often wasted. Your asphalt striping contractor may also recommend establishing smaller spaces that are reserved for motorcycles so that the larger spaces can be used for cars.


2. The laws governing accessible parking spaces for the handicapped are complex, and they are also subject to change. If it has been several years since your last asphalt striping, your layout may be outdated. Parking lot striping contractors must stay current on the latest federal regulations, but they must also know whether there are any local regulations that exceed the ADA requirements. Every time that you have asphalt sealcoating and fresh paint applied, you should ask your contractor to verify that your layout is in full compliance with all federal and local regulations.


3. The circulation of vehicles through your parking lot is of critical importance. Your design should seek to eliminate unnecessary congestion by placing yield and stop signs appropriately, creating travel lanes that accommodate two-way travel whenever possible, and making sure that your access and exit driveways are adequate to allow a sufficient turning radius without forcing drivers into a lane of travel on a public street.


4. Wheel stops or bumper blocks can help you maintain order in your parking lot. They can help prevent drivers from the potentially risky practice of using an empty space as a shortcut, and they can help protect your landscaping, building and pedestrians.



Expert Las Vegas Parking Lot Layout & Design


The Affordable Striping & Sealing team are experts at parking lot layout. We have worked with a wide variety of small and large businesses, malls and retail stores in the Las Vegas area to design parking lots that emphasis easy access, traffic flow efficiency and the safety of your patrons.


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