Asphalt Sealcoating: Proper Mix For Success

Asphalt Sealcoating: Proper Mix For Success, sealcoating las vegasYou may have been told that it is vital to maintain the sealcoating on your asphalt pavement. Sealcoating can often double the life of your pavement by shielding it from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation, automotive fluids and caustic chemicals. Sealants can rejuvenate the color of faded asphalt as well as mask minor surface imperfections. However, if you do not understand the ingredients that are required for top-notch results, you could be disappointed in your asphalt sealing job.

The Contractor Should Start with a Quality Sealant

Like most products, sealants are available in a wide range of formulas that have different costs. Low-end sealants may be fine for the blacktop in a schoolyard, but they will not hold up to the traffic that a busy parking lot receives. Your sealcoating contractor will evaluate factors such as the type and volume of traffic your pavement supports, the overall condition of the pavement and your preferences to recommend the best sealant for the job.

The Contractor Should Include Sand in the Sealcoating Mix

The basic sealcoating mix consists of the manufacturer’s sealant, water and sand. Sand plays a vital role in holding the sealcoating together. It also improves traction to make the pavement safer and contributes to the enhancement of the pavement’s appearance by filling in minor surface flaws. However, your contractor cannot use just any sand. High-quality silica sand is the best choice. In addition, the sand must have particles that are neither too large nor too small, and the sand must be clean and free from contaminants. It is also essential that the contractor use the appropriate amount of sand to ensure that the sealcoating is of the proper viscosity when applied.

The Contractor Should Probably Include One or More Additives

Additives are often needed to make the sealcoating perform at its best. The selection of additives varies by season and by job. For example, there are additives that can darken the color of the pavement even more than will be achieved by applying a sealant without an additive. An important additive is one that helps keep the sand evenly distributed throughout the sealcoating. Additives may be needed if the temperature of the air and/or pavement is at the edge of the acceptable range for applying the sealant. There are also additives that can speed up the drying process on overcast days or for pavements that are heavily shaded by buildings, walls or trees.

The Contractor Must Keep the Ingredients in Proper Proportions

Your contractor must know the proper amount of each ingredient to keep the mix in balance. For example, too much sand can cause the sealcoating to become brittle and easily damaged. Too much water in the mix can result in sealant that is far too thin to provide proper application and adequate protection. Manufacturers only provide rudimentary guidelines for the proportion of the ingredients in the mix, so it is up to the contractor to know what works best for each specific job.

Choose an Experienced Sealcoating Professional

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