Asphalt Sealcoating: Thick or Thin

Asphalt Sealcoating: Thick or Thin, striping company in Las Vegas, asphalt repairsEveryone has a different opinion on whether milk shakes and steaks should be thick or thin. Some decorators prefer sheer curtains, but others opt for heavy drapes. In life, there are times when “going thicker” is a viable option that depends primarily on the individual’s taste. However, when it comes to sealcoating, thicker is never better.

Asphalt Sealcoating: Thick or Thin – Why Thick Coats of Sealcoating Are Bad

To understand why a thick layer of sealant is not a satisfactory option, consider the function of sealcoating. It should dry to a hard, tough finish that resists damage from hot tires, oil leaks and the sun. In order for the sealant to dry, the water that it contains must evaporate. When a thin coat is applied, the water molecules can escape from the sealant easier and the sealcoating requires less drying time. When a thick coat is applied, the water molecules are trapped and have difficulty escaping. This greatly extends the drying time; longer drying times allow the product to degrade even before it is fully cured.

Even when the surface appears to be dry, there can still be liquid sealcoating trapped. The weight of pedestrians and vehicles will force the liquid to the surface; the sealcoating can then be tracked onto sidewalks, over pavement markings or onto the floors inside your business.

In short order, the sealcoating will begin to flake and crack. It will quickly disintegrate and turn into dust that can be blown away by the breeze. The money that you paid for the sealcoating job will be wasted. Since the product was not applied per the manufacturer’s specifications, you will not be covered under the maker’s warranty.

Some people believe that a thicker layer of sealcoating must surely provide greater protection than two thin layers. Actually, the opposite is true. With the thicker layer, you will be left with virtually no protection for your pavement, while the thin layers will provide the protection that you want.

It is immaterial whether the seal coat contractor uses a squeegee, a sprayer or both to apply the sealant. Experienced, trained workers who care about the quality of the job can apply sealcoating in thin layers with either tool, but those who do not care about doing a good job or who lack the necessary skills may apply the sealant too thickly.

Sealcoating is an economical procedure, especially when you consider that it costs approximately 20 times as much to repair and remediate damaged pavement as it costs to maintain your sealcoating. By choosing a reliable contractor, you can make sure that you get your money’s worth from your investment in sealcoating — and your expected return on your investment in pavement.

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