Can You Sealcoat in Extreme Heat?

Can You Sealcoat in Extreme Heat?

Weather plays an important part in all types of asphalt paving services. In some parts of the country, there may be snow on the ground throughout the entire winter season. Other areas can see daily thunderstorms for weeks at a time. One thing that all asphalt contractors know is that extreme heat also presents specific problems, especially when applying a sealant to asphalt pavement. Fortunately, the sealcoat material can be applied successfully under extremely hot conditions if certain conditions are met. Sealcoat contractors who are knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects asphalt pavement sealing can successfully achieve long-lasting, attractive results.

Is Sealcoating Las Vegas Pavements Difficult?

Sealcoat manufacturers include detailed information with their products to ensure the integrity of the finished work. Following specifications from the manufacturer is essential. For example, sealants should not be applied if the ambient temperature is below 50 degrees and dropping. Fortunately, low-temperature application is rarely an issue in Las Vegas.

The abundant sunshine available in Las Vegas provides ideal conditions for asphalt sealcoating. Sealants require at least four hours of direct sunlight to dry and cure properly. Low-humidity conditions in Las Vegas are an added benefit that ensures proper drying and curing of the sealant. Minimal rainfall extends the number of days that asphalt sealing can be performed.

The main issue for contractors performing asphalt sealing jobs in Las Vegas is the intense heat that is present for several months during the year. Sealcoat manufacturers recommend a maximum ambient and surface temperature of 90 degrees. Professional asphalt sealcoating contractors prefer applying seal coating early in the day when temperatures are lower. Under high-heat surface conditions above 90 degrees, the surface temperature can be reduced by misting the asphalt pavement immediately before applying the seal coating. The sealant may need to be applied in two thin layers rather than one thick layer to ensure proper adhesion during drying and curing. Additionally, the sealant mix can be adjusted by making minor alterations to the mix, including incorporating additives or selecting different aggregates for hot-weather applications.

What Are the Advantages of Sealcoating Las Vegas Pavements?

Asphalt sealants provide a protective layer to the surface of asphalt pavement. Without this protection, the asphalt will quickly succumb to the damaging conditions produced by the elements. In the Las Vegas area, the sun is the most formidable enemy faced by asphalt pavements. The sun emits a form of radiation commonly referred to as UV rays, and this radiation breaks down the asphalt binder, leaving the pavement dry, brittle and easily damaged. Furthermore, sunlight fades the color of the pavement to an unattractive shade of gray or brown. Sealants refresh the color and block the UV rays. They also help prevent automotive fluids and water from penetrating deep into the pavement’s structure.

The first application of an asphalt sealant should be performed when the new pavement has fully cured, which is typically between three and six months. Additional applications will be needed throughout the life of the pavement to achieve the best protection. Asphalt sealcoating contractors typically recommend sealing a parking lot every other year, but the interval can vary, so follow the schedule recommended by your contractor for your specific pavement. The age and overall condition of your pavement should be assessed, and any needed repairs will have to be made prior to applying a sealant.

At Affordable, We Know How to Deal With the Las Vegas Heat

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