What Colors Are Available for Parking Lot Striping and Pavement Markings?

What colors are available for parking lot striping and pavement markings? las vegas parking lot stripingPaint for striping and marking pavements is available at a variety of types. At Affordable Striping & Sealing, we use oil-based paints for parking lot striping and pavement markings to ensure the longest-lasting, most vibrant markings. Pavement paint is offered in an extensive range of colors, including yellow, white, red, blue, green, and custom colors. With few exceptions, you can choose any color for your striping and marking, but certain colors have become associated with specific meanings.

What Is Yellow Parking Lot Paint Used For?

Yellow paint is commonly used to outline the individual parking spaces. Occasionally, it is used for the centerline in traffic aisles that allow two-way traffic. Curbs, speed bumps, and bumper blocks are sometimes painted yellow to enhance visibility.

What Is White Parking Lot Paint Used For?

White is typically used for traffic arrows, crosswalks, and other symbols or words that are painted directly onto the pavement. It is also a popular color for defining the individual parking stalls.

What Is Red Parking Lot Paint Used For?

Your asphalt striping service will probably recommend that you reserve red paint for areas in which no parking is allowed. These areas may include the end spots on a row of angled parking spaces, fire lanes, the area around a dumpster, or loading zones. The red color can be used to paint a curb or applied directly to the pavement.

What Is Blue Parking Lot Paint Used For?

In Nevada parking lots, blue paint is primarily used to paint the symbol identifying ADA-compliant parking spaces for the disabled. However, blue is sometimes used for other purposes, including identifying spaces reserved for expectant mothers or customers who are only picking up an item they purchased online.

What Is Green Parking Lot Paint Used For?

Green is becoming a more popular color for parking lots across the nation. Its most common use is to designate parking spaces that are reserved for alternative-energy vehicles or spaces adjacent to a charging station.

What Are Custom Colors of Parking Lot Striping Paint Used For?

Custom colors are primarily used to help tie the parking lot to either the company or the building. For example, suppose a restaurant located in a shopping center has a purple façade. The restaurant might choose purple paint for their parking lot striping to indicate the portion of the lot that is reserved for their customers. A retailer with a logo that features an orange background might use orange paint for their parking lot striping or pavement marking.

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