Does crack-filling really work?

One of the most affordable methods of repairing asphalt is to seal and fill pavement cracks. Sealing and filling cracks curtails water from seeping through the openings and damaging the asphalt’s structure. Contractors use rubberized material to cover and fill the cracks. Filler materials vary in rigidity, but the filler helps seal the cracks and extends the life of the asphalt. A 1991 study was jointly sponsored by the Strategic Highway Research Foundation (SHRF) and Federal High-way Administration (FHA) to evaluate the effectiveness of crack repair; the study indicated that filling cracks can lengthen the life of asphalt.

The condition of the crack and the amount of traffic influence the durability of the repair. Additionally, different fillers are more suitable for short-term, medium-term, and long-term repairs. Using reputable, experienced asphalt contractors ensure that they will be able to competently inspect the damaged areas of your asphalt to recommend the appropriate maintenance and method of repair.

Affordable Striping & Sealing’s knowledgeable contractors have been providing superior crack repair services to Las Vegas commercial and residential clients for years. Contractors measure the cracks, determine whether they are active or dormant, and observe whether steel helps support the structure. They also examine the location of the cracks and estimate the likely wear and tear of the area to determine the best filler.

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