Why Is Pavement Maintenance Important?

Why Is Pavement Maintenance Important? las vegas asphalt maintenanceWell-constructed asphalt pavement has a luxurious dark color that is aesthetically pleasing and a smooth, even surface that provides excellent safety features. If the pavement is engineered correctly and receives the maintenance needed, an asphalt parking lot can last for up to 30 years before it needs a significant repair or reconstruction. However, parking lot maintenance companies know that a neglected pavement can fail in as little as eight years if it receives no maintenance. It can fail within 15 years if it only gets a little care on a haphazard schedule. Although asphalt is an economical paving choice, it is always less expensive to maintain your parking lot than replace it. Furthermore, a poorly maintained, dilapidated parking lot can leave you with other potential costs.

What Might Happen Without Asphalt Paving Maintenance?

If you do not maintain your asphalt pavement, it will deteriorate at an accelerated rate. The sun can dry out the binder holding the pavement together, cracks will form, and potholes can develop. The foundation can become destabilized, and an unstable foundation can lead to alligator cracking, larger potholes, and deeper cracks. Your parking lot will have a shorter life and require costlier repairs. However, there are other potential consequences if you neglect your parking lot. The safety of those using your lot can be impacted, and you could find yourself as a defendant in a lawsuit if someone suffers a personal injury or damages his vehicle. You could lose business if customers or tenants find your parking lot unwelcoming, and your reputation as a responsible, caring company could be tarnished. Furthermore, if your parking lot layout does not fully comply with the ADA requirements for safety and design, you could possibly be sued or fined.

What Are the Critical Asphalt Maintenance Procedures?

Your parking lot’s overall condition, the age of the pavement, the amount of maintenance it has received since its installation, and the traffic your lot receives can affect the type and frequency of the procedures it needs. However, parking lot maintenance companies typically recommend the following.

1. Apply sealcoating once your new pavement has fully cured, then repeat the procedure every two to five years. Sealcoat blocks the radiation from the sun that leaves asphalt faded and dry, and it can retard the progress of automotive fluids that can create soft spots in the pavement. Sealants can also restore the color of the pavement.
2. Have your contractor repair significant cracks every six to 12 months. The longer that cracks remain open to the elements, the more likely it becomes that the damage can extend to all layers of the structure.
3. Clean, visible stripes around your parking spaces and easily identifiable pavement markings can improve safety in your parking lot. Drivers will experience less confusion, and pedestrians will be able to identify the safest route between their cars and your entrance. When you need to repaint your markings and stripes, ask you contractor to check your parking lot design to ensure that traffic flow is optimized to eliminate congestion areas. It would be best if you also asked your contractor to verify that your design meets ADA requirements.
4. Remove piles of sand, gravel, or trash that can damage or stain your sealant. Oil and other petrochemical spills should be thoroughly cleaned as soon as possible; they will be easier to remove while they are fresh. As petrochemicals will eventually penetrate your sealant and reach your pavement, you should not let these spills remain for more than a few months.

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