Parking Lot Maintenance Tips for Vegas Property Managers

Parking Lot Maintenance Tips for Vegas Property ManagersIf you are an experienced property manager, you probably do not need to be reminded of your many responsibilities and challenges. You work hard to ensure that your tenants and visitors have a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing environment, and you do your best to safeguard the assets entrusted to your care. However, you may not be aware of the importance of your parking lot maintenance. Without proper care, your parking lot can become an unsightly, unsafe area, and your repair costs can spiral. Even worse, the life of your pavement could be cut in half, requiring a total reconstruction years before the original pavement has been fully depreciated.

What Is Parking Lot Maintenance?

An effective asphalt maintenance program is designed to prevent and remediate damage as well as make the parking lot safer and more attractive. Asphalt sealcoating is one highly effective part of a maintenance program for Las Vegas property managers. The sun takes a toll on asphalt pavements in Vegas, but sealcoating is an exceptionally good sunscreen. Blocking the harmful UV rays helps keep your pavement from losing its moisture and flexibility; dry, stiff asphalt is much more likely to crack under the weight of traffic. Sealcoating also helps prevent damage from oil, gas, and other fluids that leak from vehicles. Vehicle fluids deteriorate asphalt binder, so the pavement crumbles and softens, allowing vehicles to tear out chunks of pavement. Sealcoating also restores the attractive color that asphalt pavements display when they are new, makes the surface appear smoother, and improves traction for both vehicles and pedestrians. Furthermore, reputable sealcoating contractors will thoroughly inspect and clean the pavement to identify potential pavement issues. If there are cracks, drainage issues, or signs of a distressed pavement, you will have the opportunity to correct any minor problems before you are surprised by a major repair bill.

How Should a Property Manager Create a Parking Lot Maintenance Program?

The following list explains the steps in creating an effective maintenance program for your parking lot. Depending on the policies of your specific property management firm, you may need to alter the steps involved in creating your own plan.

1. Gather all the information you can on your parking lot. You want to know when it was constructed, what repairs have been required, and the types and dates of any prior routine maintenance.
2. Hire a reputable contractor who specializes in asphalt maintenance. Ask your colleagues, relatives, or friends to recommend an experienced contractor who understands the basics of commercial property management.
3. Work closely with your contractor to establish a schedule for routine inspections and treatments. This can serve as the basis for your budget. Whenever possible, look beyond an annual budget so that you can forecast for procedures that are only needed every two or three years, including asphalt sealcoating and parking lot striping.
4. Ideally, you should have your contractor inspect your parking lot every six months. This will allow cracks or other problems to be addressed quickly, which helps you avoid more serious issues later.
5. Do not overlook the importance of curb appeal. Have your stripes and pavement markings repainted whenever they start to fade or show signs of damage. Invest in a professional sweeping service to remove trash, sand, and other debris. Keep your signage in good repair, and make sure your car stops are in good condition.

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