Parking Lot Striping – How to Stay Safe, Visible & Compliant

Parking Lot Striping - How to Stay Safe, Visible & Compliant, las vegas stripingAs a property manager or business owner, you do many things to attract and retain customers or tenants. You make sure that your cooling system is functioning properly before summer arrives, you schedule routine roof inspections to address issues before they turn into leaks, and you make sure that visitors are greeted by a well-decorated, clean, welcoming environment when they pass through your front door. However, if you are overlooking your parking lot striping, you could be missing an opportunity to make a positive impression on everyone who passes by or approaches your property.

How Does Lot Striping Help Me Make a Positive Impression?

You have probably seen real estate agents mention a property’s curb appeal in their descriptions of homes that they are selling. Curb appeal refers to the instant impression that people form when they see the exterior of a property. With a home, this can include the landscaping, decorative touches, and the condition of the paint, roof, and siding. With a business, curb appeal typically starts with the parking lot, and, in some cases, the parking lot provides most of the property’s curb appeal. Curb appeal is important because of the subconscious perceptions it can trigger. People tend to believe that the condition of the exterior correlates to the condition of the interior. They perceive that a well-maintained exterior indicates a property owned or managed by someone who cares about the condition of the property, who pays attention to details, and who wants visitors to feel welcome, safe, and valued.

Will Parking Lot Striping Enhance Safety and Address Compliance Issues?

When performed by a reputable, qualified parking lot maintenance and striping contractor, your markings can help you achieve both of these goals. However, there are four important conditions that must be met.

1. Your markings must be visible under all conditions, including at night and when the pavement is wet. In the Vegas area, paint typically begins to fade almost as soon as it dries. Once the original visibility of the paint has been reduced by 25% or more, you should schedule a parking lot restriping procedure. If you find that you are having to repaint your parking lot more frequently than you would like, you might want to consider thermoplastic line striping, which can last up to four times as long as paint.
2. Compliance regulations are complicated, so you want to make sure that the striping contractor you hire is familiar with the various laws and codes that cover compliant parking lots, including those related to mandatory signage.
3. To maximize safety, markings need to be applied in the right locations, and they need to be crisp and vibrant so that they can be instantly recognized. Markings applied in the wrong locations can actually increase confusion, and the same is true if too many markings are applied.
4. Asphalt sealcoating is opaque, so it will make your stripes and markings useless, making parking lot restriping necessary when you sealcoat. For your convenience, you might want to select a reputable parking lot maintenance contractor who can perform both tasks.

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