The Benefits of Parking Lot Striping | Las Vegas

The Benefits of Parking Lot Striping | Las VegasA well-maintained, safe, attractive parking lot is important to the success of your business. All parking lot striping and pavement markings should be applied by a reputable and professional contractor to ensure the quality and durability of the finished product. However, pavement paint will not last forever. Depending on your parking lot’s use, age, and condition, you will need to reapply markings periodically so that they are visible and crisp.

What Are the Safety Benefits of Pavement Markings?

Without parking space line striping and other pavement marking Las Vegas, parking lots could be chaotic and dangerous places for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers. Properly spaced line striping for vehicle parking should provide enough room between vehicles to help avoid door dents and bumper scrapes. More importantly, pavement markings throughout the parking lot should safely and efficiently direct both drivers and pedestrians. Proper layout is important for each unique parking lot design and should be performed by an experienced pavement striping service company. Hiring an experienced and properly equipped pavement striping service will ensure that your parking lot is compliant with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations pertaining to necessary pavement markings. Compliance with all rules, regulations, and laws will help shield you from liability if an accident occurs on your property.

Can Pavement Markings Improve the Look of My Parking Lot?

Maintaining your striping and other pavement markings should be a routine parking lot maintenance procedure. Worn or faded pavement markings are a safety hazard for drivers and pedestrians, but they also create an unattractive appearance that can negatively affect current and potential patrons of your business. A well-designed parking lot layout should enhance the appearance of the parking lot as well as provide a safe and efficient environment for drivers and pedestrians. People are much more likely to return to your property when they are assured of their safety and comfort by having been provided with a well-designed and aesthetically pleasing parking lot.

Proper parking lot maintenance of pavement markings is an ongoing procedure. If you have a large parking lot, by continuously maintaining your pavement markings, you will have the opportunity to selectively choose areas that need immediate attention, reducing inconvenience to your guests and customers when these smaller areas need to be closed for striping and marking.

When contractors sealcoat parking lot pavements, the sealcoating will obliterate existing markings. Therefore, it makes sense to hire a contractor who can perform both procedures; this approach usually reduces the amount of time that the area must be closed to traffic, and you may be able to save a little money as well. Many people who plan to sealcoat parking lot pavements find that this is also a great time to evaluate their parking lot layout and consider a new design. A new layout may improve the appearance of the parking lot as well as increase its safety and efficiency.

Why Should You Contact Affordable Striping & Sealing to Maintain Your Parking Lot?

Since 2006, we have specialized in maintenance services for parking lots throughout the Las Vegas Valley by offering sealcoating, striping and pavement markings, asphalt crack repair, parking lot design, bumper blocks, and traffic signs. We take the time to listen to each customer’s concerns and conduct a thorough evaluation of the parking lot before creating a customized plan to help ensure the longevity of the pavement. We have an exemplary reputation for integrity, quality results, and customer service. If you are interested in a free quote, either call us at 702-222-9009 or fill out the request form online.