Property Management, Asphalt Maintenance & ROI

Regardless of the type of property you manage, you must juggle many different tasks. You must ensure that your existing tenants are happy, attract new tenants and coordinate the preventive maintenance and repairs needed. You may face budget constraints that force you to prioritize and seek the best return on your investment. If you are facing the challenges described, you may be uncertain of the best way to allocate your maintenance budget. To help you achieve your goals, you should consider making sure that your budget includes an amount that will allow you to maintain your parking lot properly.

Property Management, Asphalt Maintenance & ROI – The Benefits Your Tenants Receive

A neglected parking lot can deter potential tenants and generate unhappiness among current tenants. Your property will lose a great deal of curb appeal if your asphalt pavement is faded, poorly marked or damaged. Tenants want to feel as if they can trust you to handle their maintenance needs. Furthermore, they want to be proud of where they conduct their business or reside. An unsightly parking lot can erode their trust and wound their pride.

In addition, your tenants want a safe parking lot. They do not want to trip over uneven pavement or drive over potholes. If you manage a commercial property, your tenants do not want your parking lot to pose a hazard to their customers and their visitors’ vehicles.

The Benefits You Receive

A properly maintained parking lot can provide financial benefits for you and your company.

• It can make it easier to attract new tenants, reducing the length of time that units remain vacant.
• It can help you retain your best tenants, reducing your turnover rate and the costs associated with replacing them.
• It can help you achieve the best return possible on the investment you made to build your new parking lot.
• It can help you reduce the possibility that you could be held liable if people are injured or their vehicles damaged due to the poor condition of your parking lot.

Maintaining Your Asphalt Parking Lot

Asphalt pavement requires a few maintenance procedures that are extremely economical as well as fast. Your tenants will face very little disruption during preventive asphalt maintenance. Although your needs may vary and you may not need to have all procedures performed on a routine basis, the following services can help you keep your parking lot looking its best and lasting its longest.

Asphalt sealing protects against corrosive chemicals, automotive fluids and UV radiation. It also brings back the dark color that your pavement had when it was first installed. Depending on the volume and type of traffic, your parking lot will need to have fresh seal coat applied every two or three years to provide proper protection.
• Cracks should be repaired promptly. Cracks are unsightly, but they can also lead to the premature deterioration of your parking lot. Breaks in your pavement allow water to reach the foundation; once the foundation is damaged, the existing pavement will need to be removed to access and repair the foundation.
• Parking lot markings are essential if you want the area to be attractive, orderly and safe. Parking spaces as well as no-parking areas should be clearly defined. Traffic arrows, crosswalks, ADA-compliant stencils and other pavement markings enhance safety for pedestrians as well as drivers.

If you are interested in preserving your asphalt parking lot, contact Affordable Striping & Sealing, we are an asphalt contractor that offers a full range of maintenance services. Our services include sealcoating, parking lot striping, crack filling, curb painting, traffic sign installation, bumper blocks and pavement markings. Our company is dedicated to providing extraordinary quality at affordable prices. To request a free quote, submit the online form or call (702) 222-9009.

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