How Property Managers Can Budget Needs

asphalt budgeting for Asphalt Maintenance in Las Vegas Asphalt pavement that receives proper maintenance and timely repairs can have a useful life that is up to two times as long as neglected pavement. Furthermore, every dollar you spend on maintaining or repairing your pavement while it is still in good or excellent condition will typically save you expenses that are three to four times more if the work is delayed until the pavement reaches fair or poor condition. If basic repairs and maintenance procedures are ignored, your pavement could require complete replacement much more quickly than you might think.

How Property Managers Can Budget Needs

Understandably, many property owners have trouble setting an appropriate budget for the care of their asphalt pavement. It can be difficult to determine which procedures will be needed during the coming year unless you are an experienced asphalt professional. However, you can discover a number of potential issues by conducting a thorough visual inspection of your asphalt pavement.

• Color: New asphalt pavement is black in color. As it ages, it can fade to gray. Sealcoating can help bring back your asphalt’s rich color while also adding a protective coating to help guard your asphalt against damage.
• Markings: Certain pavement markings are mandatory for most property owners, such as those denoting handicapped parking spaces. Other markings help drivers avoid confusion. New markings can improve your property’s appearance, help keep you legally compliant and make your area safer.
• Stains: If you allow vehicles to drive or park on your pavement, you will need to deal with the inevitable leaks. Automotive fluids are especially hazardous to asphalt’s health, so they need to be removed as soon as possible.
• Cracks: Cracks that are smaller than 0.25 inch may not need immediate attention, but larger cracks should be repaired. Furthermore, you will need to keep a watchful eye on unrepaired cracks and react immediately if they suddenly begin to expand. As all cracks present the risk of water penetration that can damage the foundation supporting your pavement, prompt attention is best.
• Potholes: Potholes pose a significant risk for water penetration, but the chances are also very good that major cracks will soon begin to radiate from them. Potholes are definitely something that should be repaired sooner rather than later.

To determine the dollar amount to budget, you can either review your records for comparable work for a rough estimate or contact an asphalt contractor for a more precise quote. Alternatively, you could simply ask an asphalt contractor to inspect your pavement and provide you with an estimate for budgeting purposes.

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