Puddles On My Asphalt Parking Lot

Puddles On My Asphalt Parking Lot, Affordable Striping & Sealing, LLC Whether it arrives from a sudden desert downpour or from your sprinkler system, puddles of water should not remain on your asphalt pavement long after they form. Pools of standing water may annoy your visitors, but they also represent a threat to the health of your pavement. If water penetrates through a crack and reaches the pavement’s base, the support for your pavement can be compromised so severely that the life of your parking lot is reduced significantly. Every minute that puddles remain on your pavement increases the risk of water penetration. Therefore, it is critical that you discover the cause of the puddling and remedy the situation.

Puddles On My Asphalt Parking Lot – Where?

Concave Depressions in the Pavement

Bowl-shaped depressions in your asphalt pavement may result from a variety of causes. Unstable soil may have caused the foundation to shift slightly, allowing a section of the pavement to sink or sag. Leaving a stationary weight on your pavement for a prolonged period can also cause depressions to form.

Tire Ruts

Over time, vehicles traveling on your pavement may cause ruts to form in the lane of travel, especially during the summer months or if you have neglected your sealcoating. Overweight vehicles can also leave tire ruts if the parking lot was not designed to support the loads. Typically, however, rutting is caused by improper compaction during installation.

Insufficient Drainage

Drainage issues can be the result of improper grading during the construction of your parking lot. Problems can also arise if you do not have the necessary number of storm drains or if the drains become choked with debris.

Eliminating Puddles

The method used to eliminate puddles depends on the underlying issue that is allowing them to form. For example, if the problem is inadequate drainage, additional drains or gutters could be installed to help carry away water. If the problem is rutting or grade depressions, it may be possible to patch the area to level it. Foundation issues will require more extensive repairs; the pavement must be removed to expose the foundation so that it can be repaired.

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