How We Seal Successfully in the Fall

6.27.14 (3)Asphalt sealcoating can be applied in a season as long as the weather provides adequate cooperation. However, the shorter days and cooler temperatures of fall require some minor adjustments to ensure a quality job. Since sealants are typically at least 60 percent water, most of the adjustments are related to making sure that the moisture in the sealant can be successfully released into the air.

• The pavement needs to be completely dry before sealant is applied. Damp asphalt can hamper the evaporation of the moisture contained in the sealant.
• Apply sealant in thin layers. Thick coats take much longer to dry, so thin layers are preferable even in the heat of summer.
• The sun’s rays help sealants dry and cure properly. Fresh sealcoating should be allowed at least three hours of bright sunlight immediately following application, even if this means stopping the job soon after noon.
• Check the weather forecast before applying a sealant. Sealants need a minimum of eight hours to cure and dry before being subjected to freezing temperatures. If the sealant encounters freezing temperatures before then, bonding is normally severely compromised and the entire job may need to be redone.
• Allow an additional 4 to 6 hours of drying time between coats. Jobs requiring two coats will normally need to be scheduled over two days during fall months.
• Many asphalt professionals use less water in the sealant mix for autumn applications. Most recipes can handle as much as a 5-percent reduction in water and still perform properly.
• Keep in mind that temperature is only one factor that needs to be considered. The humidity and wind velocity can also accelerate or impede the drying and curing of sealant. Given the same temperatures, coating applied during times of low humidity will dry faster than coating applied during times of high humidity. The same premise is true for wind velocity; if all else is equal, sealants dry faster when the winds are brisk than when the air is still.

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