Sealcoating at Night?

Sealcoating at Night? asphalt sealcoating las vegasIn recent years, if you have driven down virtually any interstate in the middle of the night, you may have encountered a brightly lit work area in which asphalt pavement was being installed or repaired. This may have led you to believe that sealcoating could also be applied at night. Asphalt sealcoating at night, however, is an example of something that is technically possible but not always a good idea.

Sealcoating at Night? – Why It Is Better to Apply Sealcoating During the Day

Sealants are rather demanding and have specific conditions that must be met for the job to succeed. It is virtually impossible to meet all of these conditions at night. Here are just some of the reasons that you will be better off to have your sealcoating applied during the day.

• To cure, sealants need the water they contain to evaporate. Overnight lows can slow the rate of evaporation, so sealants applied at night may still be tacky or even liquid the next morning.
• Workers will not be able to see the work surface as clearly at night. Even if the contractor sets up a bank of bright lights, there will be shadows and dimly lit areas. This can lead to an uneven application of the sealant or spots that are missed completely.
• Sealants need to absorb the sun’s UV rays to cure properly. Therefore, even if you apply sealcoating at night, it will still need to be exposed to sunlight before it will be adequately cured.
• Many sealcoating professionals find that they need to include additives if the sealant is to be applied in dense shade. Just imagine how much more difficult it would be to concoct a sealcoating mix that would work at night.
• You will probably pay more for a contractor to apply sealcoating at night. He will need to transport the lights and other special equipment. He may also need to incorporate extra additives for the job to have any chance of succeeding.

Better Options Exist

If you are trying to shorten the time that your area must be closed or reduce traffic disruption, there are better ways to accomplish your goal and still obtain a quality seal coat job.

• Ask your contractor whether the work can be done in increments. For example, it is common for sealcoating professionals to break a large parking lot into sections. While the work is being completed on the closed sections, traffic has access to the rest of the parking lot. Once the first sections are complete, traffic is diverted to them and the next section is closed.
• Ask your contractor whether the work can be done over a weekend or on a holiday. Many contractors are willing to perform work when the customer’s traffic is at its lowest point.
• Ask your contractor whether it is possible for him to handle the prep work in advance. If pavement markings need to be removed or repairs made, he can probably handle those the day before he starts your sealcoating project. This allows his crew to begin applying the sealant earlier in the day.

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