Sealcoating & Las Vegas Weather

Sealcoating & Las Vegas Weather, seal coating Las Vegas, seal coatMany people do not realize how the weather can play a critical role in a contractor’s decision to choose one day over another when applying sealant. Even in Las Vegas, which typically has little precipitation and many warm, sunny days, there are times when the weather is not conducive to sealcoating. Before deciding to proceed with a sealcoating job, contractors must consider four weather-related factors.

Sealcoating & Las Vegas Weather –  How Humid Is It?

In the Las Vegas area, it would be rare to find a day when it is too humid to apply sealcoating. The manufacturers of sealants recommend that the relative humidity should not be above 50 percent, and humidity levels above that are seldom found in the area. However, if other conditions are marginal, a humidity level approaching 50 percent could combine with other factors to slow down the drying time of sealcoating.

Sealcoating & Las Vegas Weather – What Will the Temperatures Be?

Most sealcoating contractors prefer to apply sealant when the air and surface temperatures are around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Manufacturers advise against applying sealant unless the temperatures will be above 50 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the application and curing processes. This means that temperatures should not drop below that point the first night after the sealant is applied. In the Las Vegas area, there are many winter days featuring daytime highs above 50 degrees, but the overnight lows may dip below 40 degrees. Under those conditions, contractors must carefully evaluate the other weather conditions to decide whether a sealcoating job will be successful.

Although many asphalt sealcoating jobs are successfully completed during the summer months, there are times when it is too hot to sealcoat. Sealcoating needs a steady, predictable rate of evaporation to bond successfully. At extremely high temperatures — such as may occur during the afternoon hours in the summer — evaporation may occur too quickly to allow the bond to develop.

Sealcoating & Las Vegas Weather – Is There a Breeze?

During the evaporation process, the air just above the pavement quickly becomes saturated with water molecules. These water molecules sit just above the pavement, stalling evaporation because the air cannot hold any more moisture. Even a light breeze, however, can provide enough air flow to disperse the water molecules and allow evaporation to continue. As a rule, sealcoating professionals prefer that the wind speeds will be at least 3 mph, and higher winds are considered even more favorable.

Sealcoating & Las Vegas Weather – Is There Sufficient Sunlight?

Sunny days are not hard to find in Las Vegas, which is fortunate because sunlight accelerates the drying and curing of sealcoating. Usually, the problem of insufficient sunlight only arises when seal coat is applied late in the day. Most contractors try to time their jobs so that freshly applied seal coating will receive at least three hours of sunlight immediately after the application is finished. At lower temperatures or higher humidity, longer exposure to sunlight may be necessary to ensure that the sealant dries in a timely manner.

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