Small or Large, Affordable Striping Gives the Same Care and Attention!

At Affordable Striping, we have had the honor of performing work on some of the area’s largest projects. For example, we handled the parking lot striping, speed bumps, road markings, and stencils at the Amazon Distribution Center, and our work at Amazon’s Nexus Way facility included parking lot striping, painting the hydrants and stairs, installing thermoplastic stop bars, painting the crosswalks, and installing speed bumps. We also performed work at Raider Stadium, including designing a new layout and striping the parking lot, installing signage and bumper blocks, and marking the fire lane, and we handled the off-site work as well, which included road markings, signage, and striping. However, we are not limited to large projects, and we handle small ones as well, including a recent project at the Silverado Ranch Plaza that involved painting 10 parking stall lines for one building. Whether the project is large or small, there are certain steps that we take on every job.

Small or Large, Affordable Striping Gives the Same Care and Attention on Every Project

Proper Planning Is Crucial

Every project begins with a plan. We itemize every step of the project so that we can allocate the appropriate staff, equipment, time, and materials. We evaluate the traffic control measures we will need to employ, any special circumstances involved, and the order in which tasks must be completed.

Communication Is Critical

Communicating with our client is an essential part of a successful, trouble-free project. We walk our clients through every step of the project so that they know exactly what to expect. If there are things that clients need to handle before we begin work, we advise them. For example, if we are sealing and striping an office parking lot, the client may need to inform employees of an alternate location to park their vehicles. We also inform clients of how long the work area will need to be closed to vehicles and pedestrians.

Safety Is Paramount

Our employees are among the best in the industry, and we value them greatly. At the end of the day, we want them to return to their families as healthy as they were when they reported to duty. We feel the same way about our clients, their employees, their customers, and everyone else who might be near the work area. We also respect the property of our clients and their neighbors, including all vehicles parked near or passing by the site. Our employees share our commitment to safety, so they follow the proper safety procedures, keep an eye out for their fellow employees, and maintain situational awareness at all times, especially if someone inadvertently intrudes into the work area.

Cleanliness Counts

Throughout the day, our crew members take the time to dispose of trash properly. Whether the trash consists of product wrappers, paper cups, or lunch bags, it will not be thrown on the ground to blow around your property. When the job or the day is over, we make a final inspection to ensure that your property is left clean and neat.

We Follow Through

At Affordable, no project is marked as completed until the customer is completely satisfied. We will contact you to ensure that we have met our goal of 100% customer satisfaction. If you have a problem with our work, we will take the necessary steps to remediate the issue.

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