Trusted Asphalt Contractors

Trusted Asphalt Contractors in Las Vegas, NV, striping and sealcoatingAsphalt pavement is durable and attractive, and sealcoating can help it achieve its longest life and best appearance. However, you want to make sure that the sealcoating professional you hire deserves your trust. Untrustworthy contractors can leave you with a sealcoating job that generates only headaches for you. The answers to the following questions can help you determine  who are trusted asphalt contractors.

Trusted Asphalt Contractors – Can the Contractor Provide Proof of Insurance?

Your sealcoating contractor should be fully insured and willing to provide you with proof of insurance. At minimum:
• Verify that the contractor has workers’ compensation insurance and that all employees performing work on your property are covered by the policy.
• Verify that the vehicles operating on your property and their drivers are covered by a vehicle liability policy.
• Verify that the contractor has a general liability policy of at least $500,000.

Trusted Asphalt Contractors – Will The Contractor Repair Cracks?

Prior to sealcoating, large cracks will need to be filled or sealed. Although cold-pour products are sometimes necessary, they do not tend to last as long as the products that are applied hot. Sealcoating can cover minor imperfections, but it cannot fill cracks in the pavement, so be very concerned if a contractor tells you that there is no need to repair even a single crack.

Trusted Asphalt Contractors – Will the Contractor Tell You the Type of Sealer and Additives Used?

Trusted sealcoating professionals are willing to specify the type of sealer used and inform you of any additives that may be included. Do not trust a sealcoating professional who claims to have a “magic” secret formula developed in-house.

Trusted Asphalt Contractors – What Is the Experience Level of Employees?

You want to be sure that your sealcoating professional brings experienced, trained workers to your job. Ask how long the employees have worked for the contractor, what the training process is and how much experience the employees have with projects of similar scope.

Trusted Asphalt Contractors – Will the Contractor Provide References?

A reputable asphalt paving company will have no trouble providing you with testimonials from former customers. It is even better if before and after pictures of the work can be provided. If the contractor gives you references, take the time to contact them. Ask about the quality of the work, the contractor’s customer service and whether work was completed on schedule.

Affordable Striping & Sealing is a respected striping and sealcoating provider serving the Las Vegas metropolitan area. We specialize in sealcoating, crack filling, asphalt repair, parking lot striping, traffic sign installation, ADA compliance and bumper blocks. We are committed to excellent work, affordable prices and customer satisfaction. Call us at 702-222-9009 or submit the online form to receive a free estimate.

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