Why Additives Are Beneficial for the Sealcoating Contractor & Customer

sealcoating contractor, las vegasChoosing asphalt paving for your new parking lot was a wise business decision. Compared to a concrete parking lot of the same size, your asphalt lot probably cost between one-third and one-half as much to construct. You were able to put your asphalt parking lot into use sooner than you would have been able to open a concrete pavement to traffic. If you have needed any repairs, they have also been economical and fast. Furthermore, you have an aesthetically pleasing, safe environment for your patrons and employees. If your parking lot was installed by an experienced sealcoating contractor, you were probably advised to have sealcoating applied regularly to protect the integrity of your pavement. However, the topic of sealcoating additives may not have arisen at that time.

What Are Sealcoating Additives?

Sealcoating additives are compounds that an asphalt contractor may include in the sealant mix. A basic sealant mix contains water, a sealant concentrate, and sand. This basic formula provides several benefits, including rejuvenating the pavement’s color, blocking UV rays, protecting against petrochemicals, giving the surface a smoother appearance, improving traction, and offering additional protection from water infiltration. Some additives are formulated to boost one or several of these qualities, and customers receive the lion’s share of the benefits. However, there are also additives that also benefit the contractor. For example, an additive that shortens a sealant’s curing time allows the contractor to get more done in the same amount of time. Instead of having to make two trips to apply sealcoating and stripe a parking lot, it is often possible to complete all work in a single day. This reduces the time that the customer must keep traffic from entering the parking lot, so the customer benefits as well.

Is There an Additive That Will Repair Cracks in an Asphalt Pavement?

Sealcoating should never be confused with asphalt crack filling or crack sealing. Even with an additive incorporated into the mix, the most that a sealant can do is hide hairline cracks or other miniscule flaws. Reputable contractors will repair any significant cracks before they seal coat your pavement.

Are Sealcoating Additives Always Necessary?

Additives are not always necessary. For example, if your pavement is new, you may not need an additive for its initial sealcoating treatment. However, you might want to request an additive if you want to reduce power steering marks, or you are worried that your high volume of traffic might wear away the sealant too quickly. You may also want your contractor to use an additive when you want your sealcoating and parking lot restripe tasks completed in the shortest time possible. Since sealants cannot be applied if the temperature is not above 50 degrees and rising, your contractor might need an additive if the temperature is hovering just above that point. Your contractor might choose to incorporate an additive if your parking lot presents special challenges. For example, if your lot is surrounded by tall buildings that leave your pavement in dense shade, an additive to accelerate the drying time might be desirable to allow you to reopen the area sooner.

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