Why Asphalt Maintenance Is a Year-Round Process

Why Asphalt Maintenace is a year-round processThere are numerous paving materials available, but nothing beats asphalt for looks, economic costs, and durability. However, unless you are proactive about your asphalt sealing and other maintenance procedures, you could dramatically reduce the useful life of your pavement and negatively impact its aesthetic appeal. Although many people believe that asphalt maintenance tasks are only completed during the summer months, it is an ongoing process that needs to be addressed year-round.

What Types of Parking Lot Maintenance Are Needed More Than Once a Year?

If you want to maximize the life of your asphalt pavement, you should start with regular inspections. Quarterly evaluations of the condition of your pavement are ideal. If that is not possible, at least have your contractor inspect your pavement every spring and again in the fall. Springtime inspections let you address any damage done by the cooler winter weather, and fall inspections allow you to make sure that your pavement is ready for whatever winter throws its way. If the inspections reveal significant cracks, ask your contractor to perform a procedure known as asphalt crack sealing to repair them. You should also regularly remove leaked automotive fluids and accumulations of trash, dirt, or gravel from your pavement.

What Types of Maintenance and Paving Services Are Best Performed in the Spring or Summer?

Late spring or summer can be an ideal time for sealcoating your asphalt pavement. If you are sealcoating a parking lot, you will also need a parking lot restripe. Sealants and paints cure better in warm weather; once the temperature drops below about 50 degrees, it may not be possible to sealcoat or stripe your parking lot. Since UV rays fade the color of asphalt and dry it out, it is good to make sure that your pavement is protected by sealcoating before it is subjected to the brutal summers that are so common in the Las Vegas area. This is also an excellent time to schedule your asphalt resurfacing or similar paving services.

What Parking Lot Maintenance Services Are Needed in the Fall and Winter?

If you have stayed current with your preventive maintenance, there may be little or nothing that needs to be done during the autumn and winter months. Otherwise, schedule any needed repairs, sealcoating, and lot striping as early as possible in the fall. Keep an eye on your pavement so that you can identify any new problems that might develop; although many procedures are not feasible in the winter, your contractor may still be able to help you prevent problems from worsening over the winter.

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