Why Spring Is the Prime Time for Asphalt Crack Repairs

Why Spring Is the Perfect Time for Asphalt Crack Repairs, las vegas asphalt crack repair For centuries, spring has been associated with starting over, encompassing tasks such as preparing your garden for new seeds or plants, cleaning and decluttering your house, and repairing any damage caused by winter weather. Temperatures are typically neither too hot nor too cold; the days are getting longer, and, in the Las Vegas area, average rainfalls are typically low. These factors combine to make spring a great time for asphalt crack repairs and filling. Your repairs can be completed as a bonus before the higher temperatures and heavier rains of summer arrive.

Why Is Asphalt Crackfilling Important?

Breaks in your asphalt pavement will allow sand, gravel, automotive fluids, and moisture to work their way deep into the structure of your pavement. Automotive fluids soften asphalt pavements by breaking down the binding agent that glues the pavement together. Moisture can erode the base that gives the pavement its strength. Sand, gravel, and other abrasives can wear the pavement, increasing the crack or other break size. Neglected cracks will continue to expand, and your pavement can be seriously compromised.

What Are the Basics of Asphalt Crack Repairs?

The first step is often routing to smooth the crack walls so that they will establish a better bond with the repair material. The crack must be clean and dry before a repair material can be applied. The contractor may use compressed air, a vacuum, or a wire brush to remove debris, vegetation, bits of pavement, sand, or gravel from within the crack. If it is necessary to dry the crack, your contractor will probably remove the moisture with a heat lance. The next step will be to place the repair material. Depending on the crack and the repair method, the material may be placed inside the crack, over the crack, or both. Suppose the repaired area must be immediately opened to traffic. In that case, the final step is usually to apply a powder or other absorbent substance to serve as a blotting material to prevent tracking.

Is It Better to Seal or Fill Asphalt Cracks?

The repair method should be matched to the specific crack, so contractors need to inspect a pavement before making a recommendation. They will consider the location and size of the crack, whether it is active or inactive, the condition of the pavement surrounding the crack, the likely reason that the crack developed, the condition of your parking lot sealcoating, and the age of the pavement. Crack sealing is usually the preferred method, but there are a few situations in which sealing is not a viable option. A highly experienced, honest asphalt contractor can recommend whether to fill or seal your pavement cracks, and it is possible that you may be advised to fill some of them and seal the others.

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