Asphalt Maintenance Company in Henderson, NV

Henderson, Nevada, parking lot stripingSituated at the southeastern end of the Las Vegas Valley, Henderson is Nevada’s second-largest city. Residents enjoy the mild winters that are typical of the Mojave Desert, but summers are usually very hot. Summer monsoons can bring thunderstorms and flash floods. The hot summers and abundant sunshine can take a toll on unprotected asphalt pavements, so when rain does fall, neglected pavements can suffer additional and potentially serious damage. To help ensure a long life for their asphalt pavements, many businesses in Henderson rely on Affordable Striping & Sealing for parking lot maintenance services, including sealcoating, crack repair, striping and pavement markings, parking lot layout and design, traffic sign installation, road markings, and bumper blocks.




The History of Henderson, Nevada


Compared to many other cities in the region, Henderson has a relatively short history that only goes back as far as World War II. A plant was built in the area to supply magnesium, a metal that was used extensively to strengthen the aluminum in airplane frames and engines, munitions casings, and other military hardware. Houses were quickly constructed to lodge the plant workers and their families, and the community thrived throughout the war years.


However, the demand for magnesium dwindled after the war, and people began moving away. By 1947, school enrollment had fallen by about 66%, and more than half of the houses stood vacant. The federal government initially planned to sell the land and structures as war surplus, but the state enacted legislation to allow the Colorado River Commission to buy the industrial plants, preventing the sale.


The city was incorporated in 1953 with a population of less than 4,000, and its boundaries originally encompassed approximately 13 square miles. Today, more than 310,000 people make their homes in Henderson, and the city has an area of more than 107 square miles.


Services We Offer in Henderson


At Affordable, we specialize in parking lot maintenance. Henderson has a variety of businesses, including casinos, resorts and spas, hotels, health care facilities, shopping malls, restaurants, movie theaters, and concert venues, and we offer the following services to clients in all of these industries.


Sealcoating: A highly effective and economical procedure, sealcoating can often double the life of an asphalt parking lot. The sun emits UV rays that can rob the moisture from the asphalt binder in your pavement, leaving it brittle, dry, and faded. Sealcoating blocks these rays and restores the pavement’s color. It will also make it more difficult for automotive fluids to penetrate to the binder and inflict damage.


Crack Repair: Crack repair should always be performed prior to sealcoating. Cracks in asphalt pavement will always worsen if they are not repaired. As the cracks grow deeper, wider, and longer, they increase the amount of moisture, dirt, and automotive fluids that can reach the interior of the pavement. Occasionally, vegetation can take root in the cracks, inflicting additional damage.


Parking Lot Striping and Pavement Markings: Fresh, clean markings help guide visitors safely through your lot. Well-striped spaces help you maximize the number of vehicles your lot can accommodate, but they are also necessary to show visitors where and how to park. Furthermore, the correct pavement markings can help you comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and other regulations.


Traffic Signs: Many parking lot signs are mandatory, including signage to designate spaces that are reserved for the disabled. Speed limit, stop, yield, and similar signs can help make your lot safer.


Parking Lot Layout and Design: The layout and design of your parking lot can affect capacity, navigation, safety, and appearance as well as regulatory compliance. It is important to remember that your needs and regulations can change over the years. A good time to have your contractor evaluate your current layout is immediately prior to a striping and marking project. Accessible parking spaces and routes, traffic flow patterns, and parking angles should be included in the evaluation.


Road Markings: Drivers and pedestrians alike can benefit from professionally applied road markings. Road markings help reduce confusion, convey vital information, and improve safety.


• Bumper Blocks and Stencils: Bumper blocks help drivers park correctly, but they can also serve as barriers to protect buildings, sidewalks, signs, and landscaping. Stencils have many applications, including reserving parking spaces for key personnel, visitors, or vendors.


If you want exceptional parking lot maintenance, contact Affordable Striping & Sealing. We are a well-respected company with a reputation for delivering outstanding results at competitive rates. You can fill out the online form or call 702-222-9009 to ask for a free quote.