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las vegas, nv, parking lot stripingThe most-populated city in Nevada and the largest in the Mojave Desert, Las Vegas is internationally recognized as one of the top destinations for tourists. The city is known for its entertainment, gambling, fine dining, nightlife, and shopping. When casinos, hotels, and other businesses in Las Vegas require maintenance services for their asphalt parking lots, they frequently turn to Affordable Striping & Sealing. We offer a range of services, including parking lot striping, sealcoating, parking lot design, asphalt crack repair, bumper block installation, road markings, traffic sign installation, and pavement markings.


Las Vegas, Nevada


A Brief History of Las Vegas


Although there is evidence that Paleo-Indians and Native Americans were travelling through the Las Vegas Valley for thousands of years, the town of Las Vegas was not founded until 1905. The town began on 110 acres of land that abutted the tracks of the Union Pacific Railroad. The land, which now comprises part of the downtown district, was sold at auction, and the city was incorporated in 1911. In 1920, Las Vegas was a sleepy desert community that was home to only 2,304 people.


Much began to change for Las Vegas during the 1930s. The state made casino gambling legal, the residency requirement for divorce was reduced to six weeks, and construction of the Hoover Dam, which took seven years, brought an influx of workers to the area. The Las Vegas Army Airfield Gunnery School, now Nellis Air Force Base, was established in 1941, fueling the economy and increasing the population. After World War II ended, luxurious hotels and casinos helped establish Las Vegas as a prime destination for big-name and lavish entertainment.


Although Las Vegas is often considered synonymous with casino gaming, the town offers much more for tourists and residents. There are museums, film festivals, galleries, concerts, and recreational centers to enjoy. Furthermore, while the gaming industry is still important to the city’s economy, civic leaders have been proactive about diversifying the city’s economic base by attracting businesses in the health care and high-tech industries.


The Asphalt Maintenance Services We Offer in Las Vegas


At Affordable, we provide services to virtually every type of business that has an asphalt parking lot. Our customers include hotels, restaurants, casinos, health care facilities, schools and universities, business parks, homeowner associations, shopping malls, banks, churches, and commercial property management firms.


Parking Lot Layout and Design: Whether you are constructing a new parking lot or revamping an existing one, we can provide you with a layout and design that will meet your specific needs. From optimizing your space to eliminating congestion, we know how to ensure that traffic flows smoothly and safely throughout your lot.


Asphalt Sealcoating: Maintaining your sealcoating is vital if you want to avoid the premature replacement of your asphalt pavement. Sealants block UV rays that dry out asphalt pavement, and they slow the progression of automotive fluids that turn the pavement soft and crumbly. Sealcoating also doubles as a beauty treatment for asphalt pavement, bringing back its original rich, dark color.


Striping and Pavement Markings: Parking lot striping and markings can transform a chaotic environment into an orderly one. This improves safety for everyone. A well-painted lot is also more visually appealing.


Asphalt Crack Repair: Cracks are a formidable enemy of asphalt pavement. Left unrepaired, cracks will continue to expand, and water, vegetation, debris, and dirt will enter through the open cracks, inflicting damage that may go unnoticed until major repairs are necessary.


Traffic Signs, Stencils, and Bumper Blocks: Signs and stencils can convey critical information to drivers. Bumper blocks can serve as guides for drivers when they are parking their vehicles or protect your sidewalks, structures, and landscaping from damage.


Road Markings: Whether they are conveying information or warning of potential hazards, road markings can stand alone or supplement signage.


For exceptional work at affordable prices, contact the parking lot specialists at Affordable Striping & Sealing. We have an outstanding reputation that is based on the quality of our work, our dedication to customer satisfaction, and our commitment to using only the best products and techniques. You can use the online form to request a free quote or call us at 702-222-9009.
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