Asphalt Maintenance Company in North Las Vegas, NV

North Las Vegas, Nevada, parking lot striping and pavement markingWith a population of almost 250,000, North Las Vegas is the state’s fourth-largest city. The city offers a variety of opportunities for outdoor recreational activities and has an extensive system of parks and open spaces. Affordable Striping & Sealing is proud to provide businesses in North Las Vegas with a wide range of maintenance services for asphalt pavements, including parking lot design, sealcoating, crack repair, parking lot striping and pavement markings, road markings, and the installation of parking lot signs and bumper blocks.


North Las Vegas, Nevada


The History of North Las Vegas


In 1919, Thomas Williams bought 160 acres on which to build a home for his family. He then decided to subdivide 100 acres and found a town. He brought in power lines from Las Vegas, sunk a well, installed irrigation ditches, and graded roads. According to local legend, 31 of the first 80 lots that Williams sold were bought by moonshiners. The city was not incorporated until 1946. Since then, the population has grown from almost 3,900 people to more than 245,000. The economy has traditionally been dominated by manufacturers, distribution and warehouse companies, and industrial facilities, but a number of high-tech companies have moved to the city in recent years.


Affordable Provides Asphalt Maintenance Services in North Las Vegas


At Affordable, we are experts in the maintenance of asphalt parking lots. We routinely provide our services to casinos, hotels and resorts, recreational facilities, restaurants, health care facilities, shopping centers, office parks, municipalities, schools, and other commercial customers who need help to extend the life expectancy of their parking lots.


Parking Lot Striping and Pavement Markings: Visible, clean stripes and markings make your parking lot more attractive, but they are also necessary if you want to make it safer. From identifying the spaces reserved for the disabled to specifying the direction in which traffic should flow, striping and markings help reduce confusion and unnecessary distractions. Most parking lots in North Las Vegas will need to be repainted approximately every two years.


Sealcoating: Sealcoating is an economical procedure that performs two important functions. Its primary function is to protect your pavement by blocking harmful UV rays and automotive fluids. Its secondary function is to enhance your parking lot’s appearance by restoring the dark color that your pavement had when it was new and filling in minor surface flaws. Some parking lots need to be sealed annually, but most of them only require sealing every other year.


Crack Repair: Cracks in asphalt pavement are inevitable. However, if they are not repaired, extensive areas of your parking lot can be damaged too severely to be salvaged. Ideally, cracks should be repaired at least once every year and immediately prior to sealcoating.


Parking Lot Design and Layout: There are many ways to configure a parking lot. As your needs change, you may want to have your design and layout altered. Before you have your contractor apply fresh paint, be sure to ask for a review of your current configuration to determine whether it is the best you can do and that it complies with ADA regulations.


Traffic Sign Installation: The signage in your parking lot can help control traffic, convey vital information, or ensure compliance with the ADA.


• Bumper Block Installation: Bumper blocks, which are sometimes called wheel stops, help drivers park correctly. They can also help prevent damage to your structures and landscaping.


Road Markings: Road markings are typically used to deliver information to drivers. Lane dividers, turn arrows, and warnings of intersections or stop signs ahead are examples of common road markings.


• Stencils: Stencils are quite versatile. Perhaps you want to identify the parking spaces for key employees or make it abundantly clear that no one should park in a fire lane.


When you need professional parking lot maintenance, you can count on Affordable Striping & Sealing. We are committed to providing superior customer service and outstanding results at reasonable prices. You can call our office at 702-222-9009 or complete the online form if you would like us to prepare a free quote for the work that you need.