What is the benefit of “additives” in sealer?

Sealcoating So far, no manufacturer has been able to invent a sealer that gives outstanding results under every possible condition. Instead, sealcoating manufacturers create formulas that have the greatest appeal for the most applications. Asphalt contractors use additives to adjust sealants in order to gain certain benefits.

• Better Distribution of Sand: Most manufacturers’ instructions require adding sand to the basic mix prior to use to improve traction. Sand, however, tends to “drop out” of solution, which can lead to sealcoated areas that have less sand than others. Additives can help keep the sand suspended in the solution so that it can be more evenly distributed across the entire site.
• Faster Drying Time: For some customers, getting an area reopened for traffic is critical. The project may need to be completed in less time than is normally required. Additives can speed up the drying time, minimizing the disruption to normal traffic patterns or allowing pavement markings to be applied sooner.
• Extended Range of Acceptable Weather Conditions: Sealcoating typically will have an extended drying time if the relative humidity is less than 50 percent or if the air temperature is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, cold temperatures can cause the sealcoating to thicken, making an even application more difficult. At temperatures in excess of 90 degrees Fahrenheit, contractors face a related difficulty as sealcoating can become too thin. Additives can be used to thin or thicken the sealcoating or improve its drying capabilities when the humidity is high.
• Other Benefits: Additives can also be used to achieve specific results requested by customer. For example, a parking lot owner might want to make the sealcoating more resistant to transmission fluid leaks, a homeowner might prefer a driveway that is a darker shade of black or a municipality might to make the sealcoating last longer on the streets in a historic district. There are special additives that can be used to provide any or all of these benefits.

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