Should I be concerned about drainage on my pavement?

driveway_drain-314All asphalt professionals see proper drainage as an important issue when paving.  This is true even in a hot, desert environment. Rain may be rare, but it can fall. Furthermore, natural precipitation is not the only source of water that can reach your driveway. Runoff from your neighbor’s sprinkler system or your own efforts to water your landscaping can flow onto your driveway. If your drive lacks sufficient drainage, the water can pool, increasing the chances of damage to your pavement’s foundation caused by water penetration. In addition, driveway puddles do little to increase the curb appeal of your home.

• One of the most important rules of planning an asphalt driveway is that (with rare exceptions) the driveway should never be flat. It should be graded so that the elevation increases by at least 0.25 inches per foot along the entire length of the driveway. To put it another way, a 10-foot driveway should be at least 2.5 inches higher where it connects to the garage than it is where it connects to the street. Again, this is the minimum increase; your contractor might determine that your particular driveway needs to have a greater angle, based on the specific factors involved at your site.

• The contractor might also feel that your driveway needs to have a bit of a difference in the height of its two side edges. This can help your driveway shed water faster and direct the runoff to a particular side. Your contractor will evaluate your site and consider your preferences in determining whether (and how much) to “cant” your driveway.

• Covered trench drains are another option that can work well in problem areas. They are often used at the end of a “downhill” driveway, or one that descends from the street to reach the property.

• If runoff is an issue, your contractor might recommend placing curbs to stop the flow of “alien” water and redirect it. Gutters cut into the pavement are another possible solution, but this technique is not frequently used, especially in drier climates that seldom see a snowflake.

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