Are pavement sealers safe?

Pavement sealers enhance asphalt by coating it with an inviting black color that resists fuel and oil. Despite the benefits of sealants, some people are concerned that it might be harmful. However, when used properly pavement sealants are safe for both humans and the surrounding environment.

Affordable Striping and Sealing is a company that provides exceptional services that focus on offering clients beautiful pavement that lasts with proper maintenance. Pavement sealers extend the life of your asphalt safely and cost-effectively by serving as a protective shield against weather elements and other substances that may be harmful to pavement.

Affordable Striping and Sealing, located in Las Vegas, NV, takes a personal, caring approach when cultivating a client relationship. Our asphalt company anticipates a long relationship that does not end when your asphalt is installed; our staff wants to provide future service and maintenance as your needs change and grow. We are happy to share our expertise before, during, and after your paving project.

We provide trust, knowledge, and competence that is invaluable whether you are investing in asphalt repair, sealcoating or ensuring the lot complies with parking lot requirements. If you are uncertain about your needs, our skilled professionals can help you identify the right services and products.

No matter what your asphalt needs are, Affordable Striping has licensed, insured contractors that will ensure your satisfaction. We offer cost-efficient solutions for asphalt sealcoating in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. Contact us at 702-222-9009 to educate us about your project, or fill out the Free Job Quote form.