What happens with “old asphalt”?

Old asphalt is usually recycled and reused for other projects. If the top layers of old asphalt are being removed, a milling method is used to remove the layers in particles. If all asphalt layers need to be removed, extensive machinery and a saw cutting procedure is frequently used to remove the existing layers of paving in pieces or slabs. Old asphalt removed by milling, and sometimes asphalt removed by a more in-depth process, is sorted before processing; this allows old asphalt that is a similar consistency to be recycled together. Recycling asphalt with similar properties produces uniformity when the asphalt mixture is created and used.

What are the uses for reclaimed asphalt paving?

Recycled asphalt can be used for embankment construction, bases, sub-bases, and fill material. The properties and composition of each particular mix impact its moisture, drainage ability, density, bearing strength, and other characteristics that make it more or less suitable for a particular project.

Affordable Striping & Sealing, in Las Vegas, Nevada, supplies old asphalt to processing plants and uses mixtures containing recycled asphalt. We are pleased to provide an eco-friendly service to the community and our customers.

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