Do you provide asphalt maintenance in Las Vegas?

Asphalt Maintenance Las VegasYes we do! To successfully maintain asphalt pavement it is important you have a regular asphalt maintenance plan in place, not just when problems come up. We offer Asphalt maintenance in Las Vegas and the surrounding area. We offer a variety of plans depending on the age and state of your asphalt.

Why do I need regular Asphalt Maintenance for my Las Vegas business?

Asphalt maintenance plans have one goal in mind, to preserve your pavement and maximize its life cycle. A major benefit of a regular asphalt maintenance program is that your property stays attractive and safe for your visitors and will draw more traffic.

The core of a regular asphalt maintenance plan is the application of a high quality sealant. Asphalt sealers protect the pavement from weather and harmful UV rays that cause the asphalt to become brittle. Asphalt sealants also lock out moisture that will eventually seep down into the pavement, cause cracking and destroy its structural integrity.

A proper asphalt maintenance program for your Las Vegas business will always include one or more of the following sometime in the pavement’s lifetime.

Using these techniques a well maintained asphalt pavement can last up to 20 years or more. If you are looking for asphalt maintenance in Las Vegas, Affordable Line Striping & Sealing can offer a budget minded plan that will protect and beautify your pavement investment for the long-term.

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