Parking Lot & Marking Change Design

Parking Lot & Marking Change Design, striping company las vegasYour parking lot is the gateway to your business. It is the first thing that most people notice when they approach or pass by your property, so it is important to ensure that your lot makes a positive first impression. Once customers or guests have entered your lot, it is also important that they are able to navigate the lot easily and park their vehicles safely. From time to time, however, you may discover that your current layout is not providing you with the curb appeal, safety or efficiency that you need. If so, you might want to consider Parking Lot & Marking Change Design.

Parking Lot & Marking Change Design – What Can Be Changed?

Changes in your parking lot design can be minor or major. For example, you could decide to revise virtually everything about your lot and start fresh. Alternatively, you might decide that changing from head-in parking to angled parking will prove satisfactory. Here are just a few of the elements you could alter.

• Striping: There are several variations from which to choose for the stripes that delineate parking spaces. You can choose single stripes or double stripes, decide to make each space an enclosed box or opt for double stripes with rounded ends. Before you have fresh paint applied, however, it is a good idea to have all cracks repaired and your asphalt pavement sealed. Sealcoating will showcase your new pavement markings, but it will also help protect against the damage caused by the sun and automotive fluids.
• Angle: Although 90-degree angles or head-in parking spaces maximize the number of spaces per acre, these types of spaces are harder to enter and exit, making them less popular with many drivers. You lose little capacity by switching to spaces with an angle of 60 degrees, but you might find that your customers appreciate the change.
• Traffic Lanes: The traffic lanes must be wide enough to handle the flow of vehicles through your lot. If the traffic aisles permit two-way traffic, they must be wider than the lanes designated as one-way aisles. Keep in mind that excessively narrow lanes can increase the risk of fender-benders; if visibility is limited by vehicles parked nearby, drivers backing out of a space can find themselves in danger of colliding with another vehicle that is in the traffic lane.
• Handicapped Accessibility: The laws regarding handicapped-accessible parking are complex and extensive. You must have a certain number of accessible spaces, they must be placed in certain positions and they must meet minimum standards for size and markings. Many property owners do not realize that the laws also cover the path that the users of handicapped spaces must follow to reach your door.
• Other Elements: Various pavement markings can contribute to the efficiency and safety of your parking lot. Crosswalks, traffic directional arrows and other markings may be needed. You may also need to install signs to control traffic, denote handicapped spaces or mark no-parking areas and loading zones.

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