How to Make Your Asphalt Parking Lot Safe

Convenience and safety determine the success of an asphalt parking lot and play an important role in the profitability of your business. Without adequate planning and adherence to proper parking lot maintenance, your asphalt parking lot could lack the requirements necessary to ensure the safety of all who visit your property.

What Are the Basic Elements of a Safe Parking Lot?

People often believe that a safe parking lot is merely one that they can navigate without suffering a personal injury or damaging their vehicles. However, there are numerous factors that contribute to the validity of that belief.

1. The initial construction of an asphalt parking lot is very important to ensure its maximum longevity with minimal need for major repairs during its lifetime. Hiring a paving contractor who uses quality materials and who has experienced, skilled team members will help ensure that serious issues do not arise that will affect the parking lot’s safety. A knowledgeable, reputable, professional asphalt company will provide a parking lot that is constructed properly, so choose your contractor carefully.

2. Your asphalt parking lot represents a substantial investment. To secure its integrity and safety, parking lot maintenance should be performed on a continuous basis. Regular preventive maintenance is cost-effective when small issues are addressed before they become dangerous problems.

• Cracks need to be filled quickly to avoid further damage to your pavement. Neglected cracks can encourage the development of potholes, and potholes can damage vehicles or injure pedestrians.
Parking lot sealcoating is another important preventive maintenance procedure. Maintaining the sealcoating on your asphalt pavement will help protect it from damage that could affect the safety of your parking lot.
• Maintaining the appearance of your parking lot striping and other pavement markings keeps your property safer for drivers and pedestrians. Striping and other pavement markings should clearly direct vehicles and pedestrians. Proper signage may also be necessary to ensure safety.

3. For additional safety and efficiency, consider updating your parking lot design. A new layout could help you eliminate blind spots, ensure that pedestrians take the safest paths and avoid hazardous shortcuts, and reduce the number of vehicles parked in fire lanes or other no-parking zones, creating potential safety hazards.

4. Proper lighting is important to maintain a safe environment for patrons and employees. Lights should be situated so that they eliminate as many dark corners or shadowy areas as possible.

5. Strategically placed video cameras can record accidents and other mishaps, and this could help if you are ever forced to defend yourself against an insurance claim or a lawsuit. However, these cameras can also help you identify issues that you could address to make your parking lot safer.

6. Security personnel can provide safety and comfort for those who use your parking lot. Regular patrols are best, but even one person in a guard shack can contribute to the safety of your parking lot.

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