How Long Should Asphalt Sealcoating Last?

To properly maintain a new asphalt pavement and ensure its expected longevity, it should receive its first application of a sealcoating material as soon as the asphalt has properly cured. Curing time will vary, but in the Las Vegas area, it is usually less than a year. Applying the first coat of sealant in a timely manner is extremely important. New asphalt pavement is immediately exposed to oxidation and UV radiation that can cause the asphalt binder to become dry and brittle. The first application of sealcoating, when performed at the appropriate time, prevents the damaging effects of oxidation and UV rays. The sealcoating material will adhere better if applied before any significant damage has occurred. Once the damage reaches a certain point, the parking lot sealcoat will wear off more quickly and need to be applied more frequently.

How Often Should an Asphalt Contractor Reapply Sealcoating?

The amount of time between sealcoating reapplications will vary. The amount of traffic a parking lot receives plays an important part in calculating when the asphalt pavement is due for another application of sealcoating. Other factors include the quality of the work provided by the asphalt contractor who built the pavement, the age of the pavement when it received its first application, the interval between applications throughout the pavement’s life, the quality of the previous sealant, the quality of the previous sealcoating contractor’s work, and the overall condition of the pavement. With the hot and sunny conditions commonly experienced in the Las Vegas area, most parking lot sealcoat will last an average of about 18 months. However, based on other factors, three years could be more appropriate, or you could need a partial or complete reapplication every year.

Is It Possible to Prolong the Life of Sealcoating?

The first action you should take to ensure a long life for your sealcoating is to choose an experienced, reputable sealcoating contractor. Ask for and verify the contractor’s references, request a written, itemized quote, and read your contract carefully before you sign it. Remember that the contractor submitting the lowest bid is not necessarily the best contractor. However, since sealcoating obliterates existing pavement markings, some parking lot striping contractors can offer very affordable package deals if you hire them to complete your asphalt crack repairs, sealcoating, and striping as a single project.

The second step in prolonging the life of your sealcoating is to keep the area closed to traffic for the length of time specified by the contractor providing your sealcoating and lot striping services. If you allow traffic on your pavement before the sealcoating has cured, the bond with the pavement can be broken, resulting in cracking and flaking of the sealant.

Routine preventive maintenance can also extend the time between reapplications by protecting the sealcoating from premature deterioration. Keeping the parking lot clean is an easy way to protect your asphalt sealcoating. Remove debris regularly to prevent moisture from collecting underneath it, and sweep away deposits of sand, gravel, or other abrasive materials to prevent damage to your sealcoating. Clean oil spills and other automotive fluids promptly. Oil and other petroleum-based fluids will eat through your sealcoating and reach the asphalt pavement, causing additional damage.

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