Asphalt Pavement & Cleaner Air

Asphalt Pavement & Cleaner Air, asphalt las vegasIt may be surprising to learn that the choice of paving materials can affect the quality of the air, but it is true. This fact is of particular importance in cities where a high percentage of the land area is paved. Here are some of the ways that asphalt pavement & cleaner air makes a difference.

Asphalt Pavement & Cleaner Air

• There is still a myth that asphalt production requires high levels of pollutants. The truth is that the EPA does not list asphalt plants as contributing major levels of industrial pollution. In fact, emissions at asphalt plants are 97 percent lower than they were in the 1970s — even though production has more than doubled during the same period.
• Energy consumption is tied to the emission of greenhouse gases. Asphalt production uses less energy than the production of other types of paving materials. Furthermore, when compared to concrete pavement, open-graded asphalt pavement reduces the urban heat island effect better, reducing the demand for air conditioning.
• Growing cities need the construction of thoroughfares to keep pace with the population. Asphalt streets, roads and highways take less time to build than concrete pavements, and when asphalt pavement needs to be repaired, the area will need to be closed for less time. The speed of asphalt installation and repair helps alleviate traffic jams and congestion that lead to increased emissions from idling vehicles.
• Road tests have shown that the rougher a road is, the more fuel vehicles will use. On smooth asphalt pavement, fuel consumption can be reduced by as much as 4.5 percent. Lower fuel consumption means lower levels of emissions.

Asphalt pavement is durable, quiet and safe as well as less expensive to install. Combined with the ways that it can promote cleaner air and cooler cities, asphalt pavement becomes a logical choice for parking lots, city streets and major highways. Furthermore, the asphalt industry is continuing to find new ways to make asphalt pavement even more eco-friendly. For example, the industry is currently researching ways to reduce the temperature of hot-mix asphalt, reducing emissions and fuel consumption even more.

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