Top Enemies of Asphalt Pavement in Vegas


Benefits of Asphalt Paving Over ConcreteAsphalt pavement creates a durable structure with an attractive, smooth surface. It is extremely suitable for a variety of applications, including roadways and parking lots. Proper construction is important to ensure the dependability of the finished product. However, even a meticulously constructed asphalt pavement will require routine pavement maintenance to maximize its useful life and reduce overall costs. Without regular preventive maintenance, small issues will become large ones that will lead to the eventual need for total replacement of the pavement much sooner than should have been necessary. If you understand the primary enemies of your Las Vegas pavement, you will be in a better position to defend against them.

What Is Oxidation?

As soon as asphalt pavement is laid down, it begins to oxidize. This is a natural process that happens wherever asphalt pavement is used. Oxygen reacts with the asphalt binder within the pavement mix. Oxidation weakens the asphalt binder by causing it to become dry and stiff. Since asphalt pavement needs to remain flexible to withstand traffic, the process of oxidation will eventually cause the binder to crumble and the pavement to deteriorate. A sealcoating material should be applied to the new asphalt pavement surface as soon as it has cured properly and before oxidation has caused any damage. The sealcoat material protects the asphalt pavement from further oxidation. Your asphalt contractor will determine when the first application of a sealant is necessary and how often sealant should be reapplied. Sealcoating contractors usually recommend reapplications every 18 to 30 months.

What Is Sun Damage?

The ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun is a leading cause of damage to asphalt pavements. The abundance of sunshine in Las Vegas makes asphalt pavement in the area particularly susceptible to this kind of damage. Like oxidation, UV rays cause premature drying that results in the breakdown of the asphalt binder. Cracks are more likely to appear, and even small cracks can allow moisture to reach and destabilize the base layers. Asphalt crack sealing must precede the application of a sealcoating material. Sealcoating protects the asphalt pavement from damage caused by the sun and oxidation. Furthermore, both of these enemies can change the color of asphalt pavement from a lustrous black to a dingy gray, and sealcoating can help prevent this or restore the color if the fading has already occurred.

What Is Chemical Damage?

Vehicle fluids are a common source of chemical damage to asphalt pavement. Parking lot maintenance companies recommend removing oil stains and other petroleum-based fluids from the pavement as soon as possible. Petroleum-based fluids will eat through the sealcoating material and into the asphalt. The asphalt will continue to deteriorate, becoming soft and easily damaged by normal traffic. Sealants and paints will not adhere properly to untreated petrochemical deposits, so if you need sealcoating or pavement striping services, be sure to ask your contractor whether the price quoted includes cleaning or priming stains.

What Is Water Damage?

Properly constructed asphalt pavements will shed water easily, so water should never stand or pool on the surface. Standing water will allow moisture to infiltrate into the pavement’s interior structure. Water that infiltrates asphalt pavement will eventually cause damage to the base layers of the structure. Older or improperly constructed asphalt pavements may already have internal damage if standing water is present. Routine sealcoating will help waterproof the pavement, but you should also make sure all drainage areas are unobstructed and operating as intended. Granted, Las Vegas does not typically receive a great deal of rain, but it does not take much to start accumulating damage to the base layers. Furthermore, the water does not have to involve rain; sprinkler systems can also provide a source of water.

How to Protect Your Asphalt Pavement

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