What an HOA Should Look for in an Asphalt Maintenance Contractor

What an HOA Should Look for in an Asphalt Maintenance Contractor, las vegas

What an HOA Should Look for in an Asphalt Maintenance Contractor

Homeowner associations often provide a range of amenities and services. However, two critical functions of an HOA are to help protect property values and to ensure that the community provides an attractive, safe, and enjoyable environment for residents and their families. In most communities with an HOA, the HOA is responsible for maintaining the neighborhood’s streets and other paved areas, including the parking lot serving the clubhouse, jogging trails, tennis courts, and bike paths. To obtain the longest life possible for the community’s pavements, proper maintenance will be required. Whether you need a contractor to perform crack sealing on neighborhood streets or repaint the stripes in a parking lot, you will want to ensure that you hire the right contractor. These tips can help you decide which contractor you should hire.

What Type of Services Do You Need?

The first thing you need to determine is the type of services you will require. For example, do you want a contractor to perform parking lot line striping or asphalt sealcoating on the community’s walking trails? Do you need a comprehensive parking lot maintenance program or an occasional crack repair? Not every contractor offers the same range of services. Selecting a contractor who offers all of the maintenance services you will need can make your job simpler, but a single source can also help you eliminate confusion over the precise scheduling of every service, ensuring that vital services are not overlooked. You may also be able to save money without cutting corners on your pavement maintenance.

What Is the Scope of Your Project?

The size of the job can impact your selection of a contractor. For example, it is far easier to sealcoat parking lot pavements that have spaces for only 20 vehicles than it is to sealcoat a lot that provides parking for thousands of cars. Large-scale projects require more equipment and more workers. They can also present challenges when planning methods to control traffic in and around the work area.

Does the Contractor Understand Your Need to Limit Disruption?

Residents in your community will need access to and from their homes as well as neighborhood amenities. Your contractor will need to plan carefully to minimize any inconvenience to residents and ensure that they have the access they need. It will be necessary for the contractor to be an effective communicator. For example, if the project has multiple phases, the asphalt contractor should help ensure that all residents receive advance notification of the dates that each phase will commence and end, maps that show the areas affected, and updates if the timing or scope of the work area changes.

Does the Contractor Have the Right Qualifications?

There are many things that contribute to a contractor’s qualifications. How much experience does the contractor have with HOAs and their projects? How well-trained are the contractor’s crews? Does the contractor carry sufficient liability and workers’ compensation insurance policies? Can the contractor provide you with references from other HOAs or subdivisions that you can contact to ask whether they were satisfied with the contractor’s work? Reputable asphalt contractors will be happy to answer all of your questions and provide with any documentation you require.

HOAs Need Expert Help to Protect Their Asphalt Pavements

Affordable Striping & Sealing has the qualifications that HOAs need to protect their asphalt investments. We specialize in pavement markings, crack sealing, asphalt sealcoating, and all types of parking lot maintenance, including layout and design. If you are interested in obtaining a quote for any asphalt maintenance need, call 702-222-9009 or complete the online form.