Asphalt Sealcoating or Paving?

Asphalt Sealcoating or Paving?, sealcoating las vegasNew asphalt pavement represents a significant investment, so property owners naturally want to obtain the longest life from their pavements that it is possible to achieve. Timely repairs, maintaining the sealcoating and banning overweight vehicles on pavement that was not engineered to support them are the three critical ways to ensure that your asphalt pavement lasts as long as it should. Of course, your pavement is not going to last forever, so you should expect that it will show signs of wear as it ages. However, many property owners mistakenly believe that their asphalt pavements are beyond saving when all they need is sealcoating.

Asphalt Sealcoating or Paving? – Why Sealcoating Is Important

Left unprotected, asphalt pavement can become dry and faded due to the effects of ultraviolet radiation. Additional damage can occur if vehicles leak automotive fluids; these fluids will destroy the asphalt binder and leave the pavement soft, crumbly and easily damaged. Sealcoating forms a barrier between automotive fluid and your pavement. It also filters out the harmful UV rays. In addition, sealcoating brings back the rich, black color that your pavement had when it was new.

Because sealcoating cannot be applied to damaged pavement, you have an additional opportunity to ensure that your pavement is in great condition. Many property owners neglect to schedule annual service to repair cracks or potholes. The longer that damages remain unrepaired, the more expensive it will be to undo the damage.

When to Choose Sealcoating Over Paving

Many property owners are surprised to learn that the damages have to be substantial before repairs and sealcoating are not cost-effective. As a general rule, if potholes and cracks do not affect more than about 40 percent of the total pavement, your contractor can make the repairs and sealcoat the pavement for less than it would cost to repave it. Never assume that alligator cracking is a sure sign that you must repave; unless a great many square feet are involved, repairs may still be possible. In addition, you should never assume that the cracking you see is actually the pavement; in some cases, it is the sealcoating that has developed the cracking pattern.

Whenever the condition of your pavement permits, you will save money — possibly thousands of dollars — by choosing to have a reputable contractor repair the damages and apply fresh sealcoating. However, you should have a reputable, experienced contractor conduct an inspection just to make sure that your asphalt pavement is indeed salvageable.

When to Choose Repaving Over Sealcoating

Sometimes, it just is not cost-effective to repair and sealcoat the pavement. This may be the case if you have cracks or potholes over the majority of your pavement. You might be able to have an overlay applied, which will give you up to 25 years of pavement life and be virtually indistinguishable from a newly constructed pavement. However, an overlay requires that the pavement’s base and subbase are basically undamaged; widespread damage to the base and/or subbase may mean that you need to have the pavement completely rebuilt.

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