Fall Asphalt Maintenance Preparation

Preventive maintenance is the key to an asphalt pavement that will achieve its full life and look its best as it ages. Well-maintained pavement typically lasts at least twice as long as a neglected pavement receiving similar use. Although the Las Vegas area does not endure the harsh winters found in many other locations, it is still wise to perform certain critical maintenance procedures in the fall — temperatures tend to be neither too hot nor too cold, and your pavement will be protected should the area encounter an unusual winter. You can perform some of the maintenance procedures yourself, but for others, you should rely on a reputable contractor. The following tips can help you determine the right maintenance procedures to have performed during the fall.

Fall Asphalt Maintenance Preparation – Inspect Your Pavement

One of the first things you should do as summer draws to a close is take a good look your pavement. You probably have a busy schedule, making it easy to overlook the pavement’s condition. Take the time to walk or drive slowly around your paved areas. Note any cracks, potholes, oil stains or debris. Look for signs of damage around drains and along the edges of the pavement. Check whether the pavement’s color has faded and look for pavement markings that are missing or worn.

Fall Asphalt Maintenance Preparation – Clean Your Pavement

Remove trash and dirt from your lot, clean up spilled automotive fluids and remove any invasive vegetation. After cleaning, make sure that the debris was not concealing a pothole or crack and that the automotive fluids have not softened the pavement.

Fall Asphalt Maintenance Preparation – Engage a Reputable Contractor

Always hire an experienced contractor with a solid reputation to perform the tasks that you cannot handle yourself. The following list details the procedures that you should consider having performed in the fall.

• Repairs: Professional crack repairs are extremely important if you want to get the longest possible life from your asphalt pavement. Cracks allow water to reach the foundation that supports your pavement. If the foundation becomes unstable, you could be facing a costly bill to repair the foundation and replace the asphalt that had to be removed to access the foundation.
• Sealcoating: Summers in Las Vegas can be brutal. The sun’s rays sap the moisture from asphalt pavement, leaving it so dry that it deteriorates prematurely. The UV rays also fade the color of asphalt pavement. Asphalt sealcoating blocks the UV radiation and brings back the rich color that your pavement had when it was new. In addition, seal coat helps protect against automotive fluids that can make asphalt pavement soft and easily damaged.
• Markings: Parking lot markings are important for several reasons. They make the area safer, ensure that you are ADA-compliant and enhance the curb appeal of your property. Well-defined parking spaces are valuable guides for drivers. Directional arrows, crosswalks and other road markings eliminate confusion and help keep pedestrians and drivers safe. Curb markings help ensure that drivers do not park in restricted areas, including fire lanes and loading zones. Clearly identified handicapped spaces are good for your image, but they can also help you avoid fines for non-compliance.

At Affordable Striping & Sealing, we specialize in asphalt maintenance in the Las Vegas area. Our services including sealcoating, curb painting, road markings, asphalt striping, traffic sign installation and crack repairs. We place the best interests of our customers first and are committed to ensuring that every customer is completely satisfied. We deliver quality results at affordable rates. For a free estimate, complete the online form or call (702) 222-9009.

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