How Long Does Asphalt Striping Paint Take to Dry?

How Long Does Asphalt Striping Paint Take to Dry?, parking lot striping las vegasYour asphalt parking lot is vital to your business. Your customers, employees, vendors and guests need a secure location to park their vehicles, but there is more to your parking lot than merely a spot for them to store their cars temporarily. If the parking lot is in poor repair, they will not find it attractive, and they may feel that it would be unsafe to drive their cars onto the pavement or walk across it. A well-designed and properly executed parking lot maintenance program can help you prolong your pavement’s life, enhance your property’s visual appeal, and improve the safety of all who visit your business. An effective maintenance plan should include fresh striping and pavement markings when they are needed. However, since you probably need to minimize the disruption that closing your parking lot might cause, you may be wondering how long it will take for the pavement paint to dry.

Although pavement paint may feel dry in 30 minutes or less, it will be at least an hour before the paint will be cured sufficiently to allow vehicles onto the pavement. However, this is just a general rule; there are various factors that can affect the drying time.


• There are different types of paint that can be used for striping and marking asphalt pavements. Water-based paints are the most common choice, but some oil-based paints are also suitable. Furthermore, there are paints that are designed to enhance certain aspects, including the paint’s longevity, reflectivity or curing time.

• If you are having a sealcoating contractor apply sealant, it may take a little more time for the paint to dry. This is because freshly sealed pavement may require two coats of pavement paint to achieve the desired results. Some inexperienced contractors mistakenly believe that one thick coat is better, but if the stripes and pavement markings are too thick, the paint will soon begin to crack and flake.

• Weather conditions are a major factor in the drying time of pavement paint, especially the water-based types that depend heavily upon evaporation for drying. As you may know, evaporation rates are influenced by the temperature, the relative humidity and the wind. Although humidity is rarely an issue in the Las Vegas area, cool temperatures and the occasional lack of wind can prolong drying times. As a rule, pavement paint should not be applied unless the temperature is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, but that may not be warm enough for speedy drying if the winds are unusually light and/or the humidity is uncharacteristically above 50 percent or so.


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