Parking Lot Signs – Ready for a Facelift?

Businesses should never underestimate the role that a well-kept, attractive, and easy-to-navigate parking lot plays in their success. Asphalt sealcoating contractors help prolong the life of parking lots and make them more attractive. Striping services help keep parking space stripes and pavement markings highly visible to improve both the safety and the appearance of parking lots. However, many property managers and owners overlook the importance of their parking lot signs. If the signs in your parking lot are faded or damaged, you might want to consider replacing them.

Why Are Parking Lot Signs Important?

Striping contractors know that the pavement markings they apply make parking lots more orderly and safer, but these markings may not be enough. Some signs are legally required, including signage for the spaces reserved for people with disabilities. Other signs can be used to indicate fire lanes, reserve spaces for staff members, or help drivers remember the aisle on which they parked. Signs can help make your parking lot less confusing for customers and guests, and this can often encourage them to make return visits.

What Are Some Examples of Parking Lot Signage?

The size of your parking lot, the location of the entrances to your building, and your hours of operation should all be considered when designing a cohesive plan for your pavement markings and signage. For example, a massive lot may benefit from the installation of signs that are color-coded by section and/or aisle. A business that keeps normal business hours may not need the same signs as one that never closes. A parking lot reserved for employees only may not need the same types of signs as one that is reserved for customers. Therefore, it is quite possible that you do not need to install every type of sign appearing on the following list.

• Accessible parking spaces must have permanently affixed signs that meet the requirements of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).
• Signs indicating that parking is not allowed can be installed to help keep the areas around dumpsters, building entrances and loading zones clear of parked cars.
• Fire lane signs can be used to warn drivers that they should not park in that location.
• Speed limit signs can serve as reminders that drivers need to proceed with caution when navigating your parking lot.
• Signs directing drivers to the parking lot’s entrances and exits can be an important aid for controlling traffic flow, and they also provide valuable information to drivers who are unfamiliar with the layout of your lot.
Speed bump signs warn drivers to slow down, which can help them avoid damage to their vehicles.
• Stop and/or yield signs help prevent accidents and can help control traffic flow.
• Signs warning of an upcoming pedestrian crossing can improve the safety of people using the crosswalks or whose access path forces them to cross a particularly busy traffic aisle.
• Depending on your business, you might want to install signs that warn against leaving valuables in vehicles, notify drivers that unauthorized vehicles may be towed, or ask shoppers to place your carts in the nearest corral.

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