Can Asphalt Striping Be Removed?

Can Asphalt Striping Be Removed?, asphalt sealcoating las vegasAsphalt contractors frequently need to remove the old paint before applying fresh stripes and pavement markings. Removal of the old stripes is critical if the layout of the parking lot must be changed to make the property ADA-compliant, change the angle of the parking spaces or alter the direction of travel in the traffic lanes. However, even if no changes are needed to the layout, removing the old paint helps ensure that the markings are crisper and more attractive.


Can Asphalt Striping Be Removed?  How Do Asphalt Contractors Remove Existing Stripes?


There are several methods that striping contractors can use to remove existing stripes and pavement markings. The decision is typically based on the scope of the job, the condition of the asphalt pavement and the needs of the customer.


• A scarifier is a machine that looks a little like a garden tiller. It has rotating cutting wheels that are made of carbide, steel or another metal. The operator walks behind the scarifier and guides it over the existing paint. The cutters grind away the paint, leaving a textured finish that resembles the lines left by a leaf rake in sand. These lines may make the use of a scarifier an undesirable option if the aesthetic appeal of the area is of critical importance.

• Water blasting is a common method used to remove existing stripes and markings. Water blasting should not be confused with pressure washing. A pressure washer that produces 15,000 pounds per square inch is considered heavy duty, but water blasters can produce more than 40,000 psi. Water blasters are expensive machines, but they are extremely effective at removing old paint and leaving behind an aesthetically pleasing surface.

• Wire brushes can be an effective removal method if the area is relatively small. Removing paint with a wire brush is labor-intensive, but there are certain situations in which it is the best option.

• Chemical strippers are sometimes an option for the removal of existing paint. However, these strippers should only be used by experienced, reputable parking lot striping contractors as the chemicals can damage or discolor the pavement.

• Soda blasting is a removal method that has some similarities to sandblasting. Both machines use pressurized air to blast the surface, but soda blasting substitutes baking soda for the sand. Baking soda is very effective at blasting away paint, and it is non-hazardous, environmentally safe and water-soluble. Furthermore, soda blasting causes little or no damage to the pavement.

• Rather than remove the old stripes, some customers prefer to simply conceal them. Black paint can be applied to cover the existing lines before the area is re-striped. However, this method is far from ideal; it is not particularly aesthetic in many cases, and the black paint will wear off and need to be repainted periodically. Blacking out the lines can be effective, though, and it will not damage the pavement.


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