If I have to close my business parking lot for sealcoating or paving, what can I expect?

2012-09-16 23.25.57No one likes having to close a business parking lot to have it paved or sealcoated, but it is unfortunately a requirement. Contractors know that closing your lot will affect everyone who normally visits your business, from your employees to your customers and from delivery drivers to vendors’ representatives. That is why asphalt companies work hard to minimize the impact that the work will have on your visitors. Every job is different, and only a contractor who has evaluated your particular situation can create a plan of how to perform the work most efficiently. However, here are some general pointers on what you can expect if you have to close your lot for paving or sealcoating.

• The contractor will evaluate the scope of the work and the specifics related to your lot, such as the number of access points and the size of the lot.
• If you have a large parking lot, it may be possible for the contractor to divide the area into sections and close one section at a time.
• It may be possible for the contractor to perform some or all of the work during off-peak hours, such as at night, or when your business is closed, such as on holidays or weekends.
• It will be necessary to deactivate any sprinkler systems until the project is completed.
• You will need to have someone available to give the contractor access to any work areas that are behind a locked gate.
• Normally, you can allow pedestrians access to a lot that has been sealcoated within a few hours. However, you should keep the area closed to vehicles until at least the following day, whether the lot has been sealcoated or paved.
• If you are having your parking lot paved, expect the contractor to bring in some heavy (and somewhat noisy) equipment. Sealcoating requires less equipment and is normally much quieter.

Asphalt contractors understand the importance of keeping your business as accessible as possible at all times. They will be more than willing to work with you to find ways to keep the disruptions to a minimum.

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