Why Parking Lot Striping and Pavement Marking is Important!

Road Markings Las VegasImagine that you have recently relocated to a city that you have previously visited only briefly. You want to lease an apartment, locate nearby stores and find a new doctor, dentist, accountant or attorney. Using the local newspaper and phone book, you compile lists of possibilities, and you might even call them to discuss your needs.

You decide to drive by a few of the locations, starting with your list of apartment complexes. As you pull into the parking lot of the first complex, you notice that the lines for the parking spaces are badly worn, making it difficult to tell where one space ends and the next begins. You look for a space marked on the pavement with an ADA handicapped parking logo but find none. The exits, entrances and traffic patterns are not marked, so you almost drive the wrong way down a one-way lane.

Based on what you have seen of the parking lot layout, what impression have you formed about the management of the apartment complex? If you are like most people, you question whether the management would ensure that any issues inside your apartment would be dealt with properly. You wonder whether the managers care about the happiness of their residents, and you may speculate that the property owners or managers are only “in it for the money.” You decide to move on to the next name on your list without even bothering to look at the vacant apartment.

The same concept can be applied to retail stores and office buildings. Perhaps new lines were painted without obscuring the old configuration, making it difficult to determine whether the lot is supposed to be angled or head-in parking. No-parking zones are not clearly marked. The parking lot has a high number of vehicles driving through it, but the paint on the crosswalks is so worn that you can barely identify them, posing a hazard for those trying to walk from their cars to the front door. Your impression of the quality of the services or products offered is likely to be just as negative as your perception of the quality of the apartment and the complex’s management.

Line striping and pavement markings are economical, but some property owners and managers fail to realize how important well-marked lots can be to their financial success. New paint can work wonders to “freshen up” an aging parking lot and make it more attractive as well as make the area safer for visitors.

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